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Phone Books Continue to Arrive…

Phone books, which should already be extinct in this digital age, continue to arrive on Santa Barbara doorsteps. Nearly 1,000 pages of paper waste per household.

And, does anybody still use a phone book?

If you are looking for tickets, restaurants, or want to find a Realtor, check out the Directories on the Santa Barbara View… and help put an end to phone books.


Saving the EVR Eucalyptus Trees

cuttreeAfter being featured on the Santa Barbara View, the eucalyptus trees which have been inappropriately cut down along East Valley Road, now have a legal defense fund. According to the group which has set up the Tree Legal Defense Fund… “this is a complicated, high-stakes situation, but our goal is simple:  to save the trees through community action, historical designation and through the court system, if necessary.”

“We are raising a legal defense fund to protect the East Valley Road eucalyptus trees.  We only need pledges for now.  If they begin to destroy any more of these century-old trees without having participated in a multi-agency review and permit process, we will try to stop them in the courts. The goal is $10,000. We have our first pledge of $1,000.  If you can help in this manner, please call 805-451-7440 or send an email to .

No Drilling Off the Santa Barbara Coast

If there was any question as to why there should be no drilling off the Santa Barbara coast, the recent oil spill, less than 30 miles from the Louisiana gulf coast, should answer those doubts. Yes, technology has improved, but 1,000 barrels — or 42,000 gallons — of leaking oil each day off the Louisiana’s Gulf proves that accidents can happen… even in this day and age.

“Environmental leaders” who recently gathered to promote a revised PXP deal that would allow new offshore oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara County in exchange for a handful of financial concessions from a Texas oil company should be ashamed. The local coastline is too important to risk another disaster.


Newspaper Circulation Plummets

Circulation at the nation’s daily newspapers dropped another 8.7 percent for the six-month period which ended on March 31st. The completed six-month period was another painful one for yesterday’s news, as Sunday circulation took the biggest hit.

Circulation for the Santa Barbara News-Press dropped 16%, Monday through Friday.

While newspaper circulation continues to plummet, Citizen Journalism is alive and well on the Santa Barbara View. If you haven’t read the most recent Public Posts, Abortion. Homosexuality. Football. and Contempt for Journalistic Ethics, click over.

Vendata Temple Sunset Panorama 3D

Santa Barbara Photo of the week… by renowned local photographer Bill Heller.

One of the many beautiful images I can thank a blog reader for. I found out about this spot about a year ago and I have been there several times, but the evening I took this shot was the best by far. In fact it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

If you have a spot around Santa Barbara County you would love to see I would love to hear about it. Just post it here or contact my via my website and I’ll do my best to bring it to you!

Controls from left to right:
+ Zoom in;
– Zoom out;
change the way the view moves when you drag;
toggle full screen

-Bill Heller

On the Docket… Dispensary Locations

The Medical Marijuana Storefront Collective Ordinance will be back on the docket for the Santa Barbara City Council today. After spending an inordinate amount of time on an issue which could be moot after the November elections, the Ordinance Committee has identified, and will present, seven locations in the City where medical marijuana dispensaries can operate: (listed below the fold)

Continue reading…

Bowl Season in Santa Barbara

With fog rolling through the foothills, Sugarland kicked Santa Barbara Bowl Season into high gear Sunday night. Jennifer Nettles (lead vocals) belted out their hits, new music, and covers – Michael Jackson, Blondie, and Neil Diamond – to a sold-out Bowl. Vonda Shepard opened for Sugarland, an award-winning American country music duo composed of singer–songwriters Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.

Jennifer’s spectacular voice, the sound quality coming from the refurbished stage, and an energized crowd got Santa Barbara Bowl Season off on the right note.

Christie Stanley Passes Away

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Christie Stanley passed away at her home Sunday after a long battle with lung cancer. She was 61. Christie is survived by her husband Gary; her daughters, Renee Edman and Dawn Wright; her stepchildren, Mark Stanley, Ryan Stanley and Tami Millican; her mother, Jeanette Claycamp and her grandchildren. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Christie Stanley was elected to the position of District Attorney in 2006 by a vote of nearly 70 percent of the people. Stanley retired in January because of her illness, after nearly 30 years in the district attorney’s office. She was named the 2009 Woman of the Year, as chosen by the California State Senate. Mrs. Stanley was the first woman elected as District Attorney in the history of Santa Barbara County.