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Romantic Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Photo of the week… by renowned local photographer Bill Heller.


Sometimes you plan an image. Sometimes it takes months or even years to get exactly what you’re looking for. Then there are the times that in the blink of an eye everything comes together. Just at this moment, the couple strolling on the beach turned to look at the spectacular clouds. A second earlier they were indistinguishable, walking so closely together. And a few short seconds later the waves had moved in, obscuring their silhouettes and hiding their reflections in the sand. – Bill Heller

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Familiar Building Gets New Tenant

chadsThe Victorian building at 625 Chapala Street, best known as the former home of Chad’s, has a new tenant… Jodi House. The historic structure has been remodeled and will serve as a brain injury support and rehabilitation center.

Chad’s, home of the weighted coin used for the popular “Flip for Your Dinner” promotion, was a Santa Barbara watering hole for 16 years.

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June is Adopt-a-Cat Month

38dSharma, the mommy cat, is voted the “Sweetest Kitty” by RESQCATS volunteers! She is a one year old pastel tortoiseshell kitty that just loves to lay her little head in the palm of your hand when you pet her. She nursed four kittens at RESQCATS since she and her litter were rescued from a shelter just before they were all scheduled for euthanasia. She has a soft soul, is quiet and gentle but still has a lot of kitten in her when she plays with her only kitten, Shayna that is not yet adopted… they would make a beautiful pair! Afterall, mom’s need homes too!

If you are interested in Sharma or Shayna, please call (805) 563-9424. RESQCATS is a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, care & adoption of abandoned cats and kittens located here in beautiful Santa Barbara. Visit

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Mineards Fired Illegally

Richard Mineards, the former gossip columnist for the Santa Barbara News-Press, was “illegally” fired by the paper last January, according to reports. A federal judge has reportedly ordered that the newspaper offer Mineards his job back, with back pay.

Richard’s British-informed columns and silly sign-off (Pip! Pip! for Now!) never resonated with Santa Barbara readers. He has since found a home as a gossip columnist for the Montecito Journal, playing second fiddle to Lynda Milner.

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EcoFacts: The Oceans Around Us

Column by Barbara Hirsch

The Deepwater Gulf oil site continues to gush forth, becoming one of the ocean’s largest environmental disasters in history, another signifier of man against nature. Yesterday was Rachel Carson’s birthday. She was a great lover of the sea, and a powerfully eloquent defender of nature. The sea was her subject long before her book “Silent Spring” was to open our eyes to the dangers wrought by human needs in the name of progress. Read on only if you are in the mood for a taste of her quiet passion, as she describes an early morning walk to the shoreline.

“We had come down through spruce woods to the sea – woods that were dim with drifting mists and the first light of day. As we passed beyond the last line of trees onto the rocks of the shore a curtain of fog dropped silently but instantly behind us, shutting out all sights and sounds of land. Suddenly our world was only the dripping rocks and the gray sea that swirled against them and occasionally exploded in a muted roar. These, and the gray mists – nothing more. For all one could tell the time might have been Paleozoic, when the world was in very fact only rocks and sea.

We stood quietly, speaking few words. There was nothing, really, for human words to say in the presence of something so vast, mysterious, and immensely powerful. Perhaps only in music of deep inspiration and grandeur could the message of that morning be translated by the human spirit, as in the opening bars of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – music that echoes across vast distances and down long corridors of time, bringing the sense of what was and of what is to come – music of swelling power that swirls and explodes even as the sea surged against the rocks below us.

But that morning all that was worth saying was being said by the sea. It is only in wild and solitary places that it speaks so clearly.”

From “Our Ever-Changing Shore”, July, 1958, Holiday (an American travel magazine)

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The Public Post

Citizen journalism is the concept of members of the community playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. You can use the Public Post to pen a commentary, submit breaking news, offer a restaurant review, or to promote a Santa Barbara event.

In the latest entry, Loretta Redd details Santa Barbara’s political sign ordinance.

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political sign ordinance

Having been on the Santa Barbara Sign Committee for several years, here’s the ‘law:”
Political signs are required to be placed on private property, with permission of the owner ONLY. They are not allowed by Ordiance, in public right of way, or in median strips between sidewalks and streets. They can be attached to hedges or buildings on private property. Please educate your neighbors, and this town will again look like the friendly reflection of various, passionate, political views that we are!

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I Graffitti Festival

The  I Madonnari graffiti street painting festival takes place in Santa Barbara this weekend. Sponsors purchase squares and commission artists to paint the pavement in front of the historic Mission. The Mission Plaza becomes a billboard for local businesses and the pastels stain the hallowed ground for months.

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“Great Community Treehugger” event at Vieja Valley School Today

On Thursday morning, May 27, 2010, 60 Kindergarteners and Teachers at Santa Barbara’s Vieja Valley School (934 Nogal Drive) Celebrated the “Great Community Treehugger” Event with volunteer “teachers” from Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort plus Special Guests Santa Barbara City Council Member Das Williams & Musician Spencer the Gardener.

According to Beth Olson, Director of Marketing at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort, “This Treehugger Celebration gives our team members the chance to connect with kids in Santa Barbara and impact the way they view our community and our world. We hope that encouraging students to complete these tree conservation lessons and challenges will get them into the spirit of caring about the environment.”

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Protesting Arizona’s Immigration Law

A protest demanding immediate repeal of the “racist” Arizona law SB1070 is scheduled for today. The gathering will take place at noon at the corner of Anacapa and Anapamu streets. The protesters will “call for the City Council of Santa Barbara to cut all business ties with companies based out of Arizona, to declare Santa Barbara a sanctuary for immigrants, and to push for California state legislation that allows immigrants, regardless of the legal status, to obtain drivers licenses.”

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Send Tattoo Shops Packing

One industry is thriving in Santa Barbara… tattoo parlors.

These shady shops, which have sprung up around State Street like poppies, purportedly pose a risk to public health and also attract an unsavory clientele.

It’s time for Santa Barbara to follow the lead of progressive communities like Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach  who have “banned” tattooing because of a risk to the  public’s health, safety and welfare. These cities don’t specifically ban tattooing, but their zoning laws don’t recognize parlors as a permissible use.


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Letter from Lois…

Mr. Lamar McKay
President and CEO, BP America, Inc.
501 Westlake Park Boulevard
Houston, Texas 70779

Dear Mr. McKay,

It has been more than a month since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig killed 11 crew members and started the chain of events which has sent millions of gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.


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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden’s Plan is Modest and Necessary

Letter to the  Editor: Jessica Kelly

The goal of the Botanic Garden’s Vital Mission Plan is not to hold large events, contrary to some accusations.  It is to improve dilapidated facilities and be able to adequately function as a research, education, and conservation institution – which has been the Garden’s historic mission since 1926.

If you attended the hearing on May 18th, you may have heard comments from Garden employees and volunteers about the everyday struggles of trying to maintain and propagate plant life without enough lab space, proper storage, or even maintenance sheds.

The Garden has been trying to get this plan approved for 10 years now, and have cut down the plan three times.  What stands now is a modest plan that is absolutely essential to viability of the Botanic Garden.

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Hollywood Celebrities Come Together to Raise Money for Charity


Atomic Lawn Entertainment, LLC is proud to announce a new division, dedicated to raising money for charitable organizations in partnership with All This, just launched their new site in April 2010. Members auction off everything from babysitting services to movie premiere packages, box seats to live sports events and dinner dates with celebrities. Celebrities and normal Joe’s are meeting in one common place with one common goal, to raise money for the causes that matter and to change the world one bid at a time.

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It’s Ugly in the 35th Assembly District

Just what the Democrats didn’t want in the 35th Assembly District race… a primary full of mud. Troubled by recent developments in the race to succeed Pedro Nava, local Democrats rallied at the Santa Barbara Courthouse on Monday to speak out against a purported violation of the Party’s Clean Campaign Pledge.

According to the Das campaign the Santa Barbara Democratic Party, “candidate Susan Jordan has flooded 35th Assembly District mailboxes with negative mailers, complete with personal, character-based attacks on her opponent.”

“Susan Jordan made a promise to fellow Democrats to stay positive,” said Nancy Miller, President of the Democratic Service Club. “She has broken that promise.”

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