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Shutting Down the Library to Save $$$

Viewers of  the Public Post know that branches of the Santa Barbara Public Library will be shutting down on certain days in an effort to save the City money.

Anna Kappa points out that, “at one time, our library was considered a precious resource; it would have been unthinkable to even suggest closing it to save money. Take a look at how WPA American Guide Series writers described it in 1941:

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Joe Pug Shines at Lobero Theatre

Column by Arts & Entertainment Writer Chloe Walker

pugSaturday night saw Texas based folk musician Joe Pug at Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theatre.  Performing in the Lobero’s noteworthy “Sings Like Hell” concert series, (featuring “the greatest music you’ve NEVER heard”) the 25-year-old singer- songwriter shared his tales of lost battles and heartbreak fresh off his latest album “Messenger.”

Entering the stage clad in full cowboy attire, Pug may have appeared at first glance to be at odds with the Santa Barbara crowd, however he quickly made light of his culture shock, quipping that he’d arrived just in time to see the “feral people” celebrating the summer solstice.  His apparent humility and sociability warmed up the crowd, largely unfamiliar with Pug, setting the tone for the next hour of honest (and self-proclaimed “brooding”) folk music.   Following his opening song, “Messenger,” Pug’s seemingly foreign sheen had entirely disappeared as the audience sat in awe of one man and his guitar sharing the most fundamental stories of humanity.

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More on the 1925 Earthquake…

“Two main faults delineate the onshore portion of the southern foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains near Santa Barbara. The western or Mesa Fault is an offshoot, or splay, that can be traced as a nearly straight line southeast from Tucker’s Grove County Park, along the north side of the uplifted mesa, and continuing on out to near the harbor breakwater. The Mission Ridge Fault continues east of the city through Sycamore Canyon and runs in a southernly direction to eventually link up with the Arroyo Parida Fault north of Ortega Hill, passing directly to represent the near surface expressions of a much deeper fault system that extends beneath the mountain range, the Santa Barbara Channel, and crops south of the northern Channel Islands.” - Walker A. Tompkins (Read the rest of this entry…)

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Sadako Peace Day — 6 PM August 6th — Casa de Maria


Contact: Steven Crandell, 805 965-3443,

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Director of Programs Rick Wayman will be the featured speaker at the 16th Annual Sadako Peace Day ceremony, Friday August 6, at the Sadako Peace Garden at La Casa de Maria, 800 El Bosque Road, between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public.

His theme will be “Persistence and Dedication.” He will discuss the importance of working for a world free of nuclear weapons in spite of opposition – and why the support of many people is required for progress to be made towards nuclear weapons abolition.

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Fountain at the Peppertree

Santa Barbara Photo of the week… by renowned local photographer Bill Heller.

Fountains are a great subject. After studying the El-Paseo fountain a couple of weeks ago I noticed how many of my favorite shots have fountains somewhere in them. I had the good fortune to visit the Ventura Mission this week where the flowers are putting on an absolutely amazing show around the fountain in the middle of the garden.

This one, however is a little closer to home. On upper state street a cute little hotel with a beautiful entrance is where I found myself recently. Even the driveway is beautiful. But there is more here than meets the eye. As promised there are some hidden surprises in this panorama. Let me know if you can find them. :-)

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-Bill Heller

20 Years Ago… the Painted Cave Fire

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Painted Cave Fire.

“On June 27, 1990 at 6:02 pm a fire started up in the mountains near a place called Painted Cave. A long drought had made the brush very dry, and a several day heat wave was further drying up the area. Just as the sun was setting, strong winds began blowing the fire down the mountain towards town.

Two hours later the fire had done the impossible. It had traveled 5 miles downhill cutting a swath between Goleta and Santa Barbara setting afire entire neighborhoods in it’s path. The fire jumped the combination of our 6 lane freeway and the two side roads, Calle Real and Hollister and continued burning down stores, restaurants, businesses, apartment buildings, and more houses on the other side. All roads between Santa Barbara and Goleta were blocked by the fire, it was impossible to get from one side to the other.

Entire neighborhoods were burning to the ground, hundreds of houses were already lost, residents evacuated with little or no time to save any precious belongings. It appeared nothing but the Pacific Ocean itself was going to stop this fire. Finally, later that night, the winds died down and the fire was brought to a halt at the edge of Hope Ranch, about 2 miles from the ocean. Dawn broke the next morning on a very eerie sight. There was nothing but ashes where entire neighborhoods had stood the day before. 5000 acres, 440 houses, 28 apartment complexes, and 30 other structures were lost. There were still visible flames on the black burnt mountain range. The fire continued to burn in the mountains for several days before finally being extinguished.

Authorities say an incendiary device was found where the fire started — it was arson, and the arsonist has never been found. This continues to be one of the worst disasters ever in the history of Santa Barbara.” - Description written by David Deley

Kobe Coming to Santa Barbara

Nuggets Lakers Basketball Laker guard and five-time champion Kobe Bryant is coming to Santa Barbara next Friday.  The Black Mamba will be coming to support the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara County. Tickets for the benefit luncheon are an expensive $200 a piece. Call 962-2382 for information.

In a related note and updating a previous report... former UCSB standout Brian Shaw is likely to accept the head coaching job in Cleveland before the Lakers’ head basketball coach position becomes available.

EcoFacts: Bottles for Pleasure

Column by Barbara Hirsch

One could say that wine and beer are rather popular beverages around the world. They’ve been around for thousands of years and have such great pleasure value. But these days, post-pleasure, those bottles are usually tossed, generating lots of weight and bulk in the landfills. Some are recycled – sorted by color, crushed, melted and reformed into new bottles, certainly a better use for the glass, but still really energy intensive. So what about refilling those bottles?

empty_wine_bottleSterilizing and refilling wine bottles is an old practice, and still being done in Europe and elsewhere. And though it uses a fraction of the energy required to make new ones, it is not catching on quickly here. Everyone wants their own distinctive bottle and needs consistency for labeling. Old labels are hard to remove. But it makes so much sense, and saves money too. A company in Northern California is putting their bets on it. Named simply Wine Bottle Recycling, they plan to begin shipping out bottles to eco-conscious wineries this summer. Maybe they can begin a new way of doing business.

If you happen to live nearby one of the few wineries or breweries that offer it, you can bring in their bottles to be refilled. In the beer world, these “growlers” are catching on. But throughout Canada, beer drinkers return their bottles and the reuse rate is high. Why not here?

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One Year Ago… the King of Pop Died

One year ago today, the King of Pop passed away and Santa Barbara become the center of the universe. Michael Jackson was declared dead at 2:26 pm… by 4 pm, fans were arriving at Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara to pay tribute.

The funeral and what to do with Neverland quickly became hot topics.  According to an open letter to the Santa Barbara community, the body of Michael Jackson was scheduled to arrive at Neverland Ranch a day after Jackson’s death. A 30-car motorcade, with a procession of vehicles estimated at 125 miles long was scheduled to wind its way up from Los Angeles to Los Olivos, much to the chagrin of Valley residents. A public service was also being prepared for Neverland.

In the end, Jackson’s funeral and public service took place in Los Angeles and not Los Olivos. Santa Barbara residents gathered at the historic Arlington Theatre for a live broadcast of the Memorial. As for Neverland, the property that Michael Jackson purchased in 1988 for $30 million…  it never became a Graceland-style tourist attraction that many outside of the Santa Ynez Valley has hoped for. RIP Michael!

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Notes on a Napkin…

Mayor Helene Schneider spent $1,000 of tax-payer funds to travel to the Gulf of Mexico this week…  some believe she went to pitch a Light Brown Line Project.

Comments… in a continued effort to make commenting easier on the Santa Barbara View, the log-in/ administration page has been removed. Now when a user logs in, it will re-direct them back to the story page they were on .

Thumbs up… to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors for sending a letter of protest over a request for  liquor license expansion at the Chumash Casino.

Thumbs down… to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors for endorsing Sheriff Bill Brown’s beleaguered plan to raise taxes for a new North County jail.

Did you knowthe first American child born in Santa Barbara was Isobel Larkin, in the Carillo Adobe in 1833? - Walker A. Tompkins

A Gathering for the Gulf… locals will gather on West Beach in Santa Barbara (the site of the 1969 spill) this Sunday, June 27th from 1-4 pm to show solidarity and support for the people, animals and environment affected by the Gulf oil disaster.

32-year-old Jennifer Moss, aka “Earth Friend Jen”, won’t be prancing around in a hemp G-string bikini and pasties at the Summer Solstice Festivities this year….  the environmental activist has moved to Ashland, Oregon, and was recently arrested after a group of construction workers complained about her nude inline skating. Her actions lead to the town banning topless events starting in February 2010.

Best BetJoe Pug, a soulful poet and musician from Chicago plays at the Lobero Theatre Saturday night as part of the Sings Like Hell Concert Series, here’s a clip.