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45 People Want To Be On City Council!

Today is the deadline to apply for a seat on the Santa Barbara City Council, a seat vacated by Assembly-elect Das Williams. Interested candidates have until 5:30 pm. The six remaining members of the City Council will interview candidates on December 7th, and will likely make an appointment on December 14th.

According to KEYT, here are the 45 people who have reportedly filed

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Cutting Corners

Adding a whole new element to the local landscape… where the sidewalk meets the curb. Not sure exactly what to call it, but this new installation—at the corner of Alphonse and Alisos on the city’s eastside—has some residents talking, and writing.

According to Mark Howard in the city’s Risk Management office, “A neighbor has become vocal with displeasure about the ramps and erected a sign.” And at least four drivers have contacted the office about damage to their vehicles striking this curb, and “filed claim wanting repayment.” The city is currently investigating any liability, but as Howard cautions, “conditions require us to drive slower in a residential neighborhood.”
Tire shredderTire Shredder sign alisos and alphonse

Stearns Wharf – No Fishing

Santa Babara photo of the week by Bill Heller

Normally I would say it’s a wonderful time of year for amazing skies. But this was a particularly beautiful year all the way. Whether it’s global warming, la niña or some other weather phenomenon, it has been an odd yet gorgeous year for weather.

Although this is a bit older shot, we did have a wonderful and very similar band of clouds move through yesterday. In the early afternoon there was an almost straight line as a front moved across the city. On one side we had the morning’s overcast skies. On the other, clear blue. It makes me sit and wonder what I’m missing when I can’t be outside with my camera.

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-Bill Heller

Goleta Beach County Park

Series on Santa Barbara County beaches by John McKinney the TrailMaster.

This popular sandy beach, located just down-coast from the UCSB campus, has a lot to offer for a day at the shore: a grassy picnic area, a pier, good waves and good vibes. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months. The beach is located at the mouth of the Goleta Slough, which can be crossed at times of low tide to reach more beach down-coast. Slough-side platforms offer bird-watching opportunities.

goleta beach

Facilities: Restaurant/snack bar, fishing pier, picnic areas, restrooms.
Cost: Free.
GPS Coordinates: N 34 25 019

W 119 49 735

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Spanish Street Names of Santa Barbara

Anapamu (ah-nah-pah-moo’) was the name of the famed Indian chief, who according to Reverend Juan Caballeria, reinforced Yananali in 1790 in an expedition against the plundering Tulare Indians who had come to raise havoc with the peaceful natives of Santa Barbara. Anapamu was an Indian chief ruling from Ventura to San Fernando and a valued ally of the missionaries.

Indians were held in high esteem by the Californians of a century ago (written in 1950). Witness that at least five of the fifty one original street names in Santa Barbara have to do with Indians – Rosario Curletti

Water Strategies, Mildew Prevention!

by Cerena Childress –  Sustainability, Eating Fresh and Organic

Water Strategies!

Winter is the excellent time to establish native plants and ground covers in your landscape, make raised beds in your veggie garden!  Your beds don’t have to have a frame, in fact, you can ‘make more space’ by planting on the sloped sides, preventing erosion!  The plants that don’t like soggy feet, or would simply drown from too much water, will have excellent drainage.  You can make your ‘bed’ as small as a furrowed area, or two feet wide.  Either way, same result, drainage, less water molds and fungi, keeps oxygen your plants need in the soil.  Put a thick layer of leaves, straw, something that will feed the soil, in the pathways.  That’s sustainable and your shoes won’t get muddy!  Re-layer as needed.

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EcoFacts: Black Friday?

Column by Barbara Hirsch

Strange name isn’t it, for this exuberant money-spending-stuff-buying-gift-buying day? Well, there are the traffic jams, gift buying pressures, but also the possibility of a store or business getting out of the red and into the black because of this day, this spending season. Well, no need for darkness. Consider using the power of the sun to brighten up your gift giving this year!

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