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Burning Troubles, Counting Blessings

By Cheri Rae

cheriIt’s a tradition we began many years ago, at a challenging time that threatened to break our family’s hearts and spirit. Figuring we needed all the help we could get as we faced the challenges of the New Year, we decided to do something symbolic.

We burned our troubles. Literally.

We wrote them down on index cards, and feeling like latter-day druids, circled around an old Weber barbecue grill in the back yard and set our toils and troubles on fire.

There was something viscerally satisfying, in the symbolism of writing down the concerns of the day and watching those facts and fears go up in smoke.

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Networking with Oprah

On 1/1/11—capitalizing on a great date and a great set of initials—our own Montecito neighbor and multimedia maven launches her OWN television network. Those who want to keep in touch with the Oprah Winfrey Network can find it locally on the following channels:

Cox Communications, Channel 125
Direct TV, Channel 279
Dish Network, Channel 189

Rainy Day Garden Tips…

The Garden Post by Cerena Childress – Sustainability, Eating Fresh and Organic

Fertilize before a rain so the fertilizer will soak in.
Take the cover off your compost to let it get wet.
Tie or stake plants that may topple from wind or weight.
Set up to harvest rainwater for later use!
Make raised beds, mounds, to help with drainage issues.
Mulch to keep soil from splashing up on your plants, keeping your harvest clean, holding water in place to soak in, and keep soil from eroding.
Make ‘permanent’ pathways with boards, stepping stones, straw bedding, so you won’t be compacting your planting area soil when it is wet or dry!
Plant for air circulation so foliage dries quickly.  Plants too closely spaced, make a warmer micro environment, tend to get mildew easier.
Choose mildew resistant plants!
Drench your young plants with a mix of a heaping tablespoon of baking soda, a 1/4 cup of nonfat (so it won’t rot and stink) powdered milk in a large watering can of water for mildew prevention and abatement.  It works for other diseases as well!
Water less frequently and at ground level, not overhead.


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Christmas Tree Recycling

According to Barbara Hirsch, 30 million people bought real Christmas trees this year. Now, with the holiday over, it’s time to recycle those trees.

If you live in the Cities of Santa Barbara or Goleta, place your tree in or next to your green waste container or next to your trash container on your collection days.

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Santa Barbara Year in Review: October

Ten Santa Barbara stories that made news in October, 2010:

  1. The rainbow arch on Cabrillo Blvd. sits dirty, scuffed and faded.
  2. A UC Santa Barbara student was killed by a great white shark.
  3. Another bulky, over-sized construction project was spotted at 420 East Cota – a three-story, 55-unit affordable housing project dubbed Artisan Court.
  4. Life’s a beach for the snowy plover.
  5. Tagging in the neighborhoods, and around town, multiplied. Continue reading…

Santa Barbara Year in Review September

Ten Santa Barbara stories that made news in September, 2010:

  1. Award-winning writer Cheri Rae joined the Santa Barbara View.
  2. The Santa Barbara City Council approved the proposal to establish a sister city relationship between Santa Barbara and Patras, Greece.
  3. BevMo! arrived in Santa Barbara.
  4. A leaking fuel tank at the site where St. Francis Hospital stood was  moved.
  5. Travelers coming in and out of the Santa Barbara airport were surprised by the size and bulk of the new Airline Terminal Project. Continue reading…

Santa Barbara Year in Review: August

Ten Santa Barbara stories that made news in August, 2010:

  1. The City of Santa Barbara embarked on a campaign to bulb-i-fy and add planters to curbs on corners all over the downtown region.
  2. August brings cascarones!
  3. A controversial bumper sticker made news… Welcome to Santa Barbara – Please Don’t Feed Our Bums.
  4. Santa Barbara appears to have an infatuation with alcohol.
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Santa Barbara Year in Review: July

Ten Santa Barbara stories that made news in July, 2010:

  1. The Santa Barbara City Council said YES to BevMO!
  2. The two trail gnomes, Craig William Ilenstine and Dana Neil Larsen, who allegedly started the Jesusita Fire which burned 8,700 acres, destroyed 80 homes, and cost $17 million to contain were sentenced to; 250 hours of community service, $600 in fines, three (3) years probation.
  3. Construction of a $800,000 suicide barrier over and around the historic Cold Springs Arch Bridge began. Construction was later halted by a lawsuit.
  4. KEYT news anchor Coleen Sullivan got hitched.
  5. The selection criteria for choosing Saint Barbara was brought into question.
  6. A local man in his 50’s became the 54th person to jump to his/her death off of the Cold Springs Arch Bridge. The bridge opened in in 1964. Continue reading…