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Building Barriers in Santa Barbara…

Construction of an unsightly suicide barrier over and around the historic Cold Springs Arch Bridge can continue, according to Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderlae. In 2010, construction of the multi-million dollar barrier was brought to a halt thanks to legal action by Friends of the Bridge. Yesterday, Judge Anderlae dismissed the arguments made by the Friends of the Bridge, including the idea of a capture net, which was also discussed by the Santa Barbara City Council.

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Lost in the Airport Preening

With all the preening about the new airport terminal, they seem to have missed something. United Express/Skywest seems to have ceased flying the larger EXPlus aircraft into SBA which had both 1st Class and Economy Plus seating on the Canadair 700’s and have gone to the smaller (more cramped) Canadair 200 aircraft servicing our market. Since United is the dominant airline at SBA it’s interesting to note they get a new terminal we get a reduced product. Frontier has a good product with their Embraer aircraft which are larger but that’s limited service.

A Royal Visit to Santa Barbara?

Britain’s Prince William and his new wife Kate will visit Southern California from July 8 to 10. The 28-year-old second-in-line to the British throne has never visited the United States in an official capacity, although he has made private trips to the country in the past. Kate, 29, has never been here, royal officials said. Details of the Southern California trip have not yet been released.

Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Santa Barbara is commemorated in a plaque at the Courthouse. Do you think the Royal Couple will visit Santa Barbara; and if so, will you try to catch a glimpse?

Santa Barbara Yacht Club Sunset


Wandering out by the harbor is a wonderful and relaxing pass time. Recently when I was on my way out there I stopped at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. They have some old photos on the walls showing the progression of the harbor over the years. This little spot where the Yacht club sits was way out in the waves before the breakwater was built. In fact, Leadbetter beach would not be much of anything without the breakwater and the harbor to interrupt the currents and create a quiet little spot for the sand to collect. - Bill Heller

Spanish Street Names of Santa Barbara

ANAPAMU (ah-nah-pah-moo’) was the name of the famed Indian chief, who according to Reverend Juan Caballeria, reinforced Yananali in 1790 in an expedition against the plundering Tulare Indians who had come to raise havoc with the peaceful natives of Santa Barbara. Anapamu was an Indian chief ruling from Ventura to San Fernando and a valued ally of the missionaries. At least five of the fifty one original street names in Santa Barbara have to do with Indians.
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Santa Barbara Stories of Buried Treasure

By Gayle Baker

Exciting stories of buried treasure in Santa Barbara have been passed on through the generations… in another treasure tale, James H. Wall came to California in 1851 from Australia, carrying $20,000 worth of jewels in his money belt. After drinking too much one evening, he told Joaquin Murieta, a local Montecito bandit, about his wealth. Murieta killed Wall. He buried the jewels somewhere in the Santa Barbara area and drew a map identifying their location.

Jame’s son, David Wall, got his hands on this treasure map after Murieta’s death in 1852, but never searched for the jewels. In 1886 David came to Santa Barbara to work as a gardener. One day, he showed the map to his employer. Together, they began tracking down landmarks for fun. Finally, they found the spot near Rincon Creek. They began digging and soon found a rusty iron box filled with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Valued at between $13,000 and $14,000, some of these jewels were identified as among those David’s father had brought from Australia almost 40 years earlier.

Although Santa Barbara did not have its own gold rush, the young city experienced the wealth, lawlessness, and tales of treasure that characterized so many of America’s boomtowns during the Gold Rush years.

The Santa Barbara Garden Post

Weekly Column by Cerena Childress – Sustainability, Eating Fresh and Organic

JUNE! Harvest and Don’t Stop Planting!

Cucumber Flowers


June is the beginning of summer harvesting for those of you who planted in April. Tender lettuce leaves are crisp and ready; gather your glorious chard and kale.  Pull your carrots, radish and turnips.  Pick beans; grab those small salad tender zuchs before they become blimps!  Enjoy strawberries every breakfast and for your evening snaking pleasure!

June is another grand month for planting, more heat, fast growth. Plant in spots that have already finished; plant for succession, a continued harvest of your favorites! If you couldn’t take advantage of April or May, step up to it now!  Seeds are good, transplants are faster if your summer palate is salivating!  Hotties like corn, cucs, beans, melons, okara, peppers, pumpkins, New Zealand spinach, all squashes!  I’ve planted corn in August and got great October corn!  Plant tasty year-rounds – beets, carrots, chard, radish, turnips.  Tomatoes now and next month.  More tomatoes if you will be dehydrating for camping, winter stews, snacks.  Try something new –maybe something you can’t get at the store!

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