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Building Barriers in Santa Barbara…

Construction of an unsightly suicide barrier over and around the historic Cold Springs Arch Bridge can continue, according to Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderlae. In 2010, construction of the multi-million dollar barrier was brought to a halt thanks to legal action by Friends of the Bridge. Yesterday, Judge Anderlae dismissed the arguments made by the Friends of the Bridge, including the idea of a capture net, which was also discussed by the Santa Barbara City Council.

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Lost in the Airport Preening

With all the preening about the new airport terminal, they seem to have missed something. United Express/Skywest seems to have ceased flying the larger EXPlus aircraft into SBA which had both 1st Class and Economy Plus seating on the Canadair 700′s and have gone to the smaller (more cramped) Canadair 200 aircraft servicing our market. Since United is the dominant airline at SBA it’s interesting to note they get a new terminal we get a reduced product. Frontier has a good product with their Embraer aircraft which are larger but that’s limited service.

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A Royal Visit to Santa Barbara?

Britain’s Prince William and his new wife Kate will visit Southern California from July 8 to 10. The 28-year-old second-in-line to the British throne has never visited the United States in an official capacity, although he has made private trips to the country in the past. Kate, 29, has never been here, royal officials said. Details of the Southern California trip have not yet been released.

Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Santa Barbara is commemorated in a plaque at the Courthouse. Do you think the Royal Couple will visit Santa Barbara; and if so, will you try to catch a glimpse?

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Santa Barbara Restaurants of Yesteryear

Before there was a Sizzler at 555 Hollister Avenue, The Elegant Farmer served steaks, ribs and seafood, special-baked bread, farm fresh vegetables & delicious desserts. Entrees were priced $5.95-$10.95.

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Tuition Toon Op

qqDolphinjump UC_CSU
Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. By local cartoonist Steve Greenberg.

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Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

The annual migration of whales through the Santa Barbara Channel is underway.
YouTube Preview Image
A Santa Barbara View video.

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Santa Barbara Yacht Club Sunset


Wandering out by the harbor is a wonderful and relaxing pass time. Recently when I was on my way out there I stopped at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. They have some old photos on the walls showing the progression of the harbor over the years. This little spot where the Yacht club sits was way out in the waves before the breakwater was built. In fact, Leadbetter beach would not be much of anything without the breakwater and the harbor to interrupt the currents and create a quiet little spot for the sand to collect. - Bill Heller

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Spanish Street Names of Santa Barbara

ANAPAMU (ah-nah-pah-moo’) was the name of the famed Indian chief, who according to Reverend Juan Caballeria, reinforced Yananali in 1790 in an expedition against the plundering Tulare Indians who had come to raise havoc with the peaceful natives of Santa Barbara. Anapamu was an Indian chief ruling from Ventura to San Fernando and a valued ally of the missionaries. At least five of the fifty one original street names in Santa Barbara have to do with Indians.
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Santa Barbara Stories of Buried Treasure

By Gayle Baker

Exciting stories of buried treasure in Santa Barbara have been passed on through the generations… in another treasure tale, James H. Wall came to California in 1851 from Australia, carrying $20,000 worth of jewels in his money belt. After drinking too much one evening, he told Joaquin Murieta, a local Montecito bandit, about his wealth. Murieta killed Wall. He buried the jewels somewhere in the Santa Barbara area and drew a map identifying their location.

Jame’s son, David Wall, got his hands on this treasure map after Murieta’s death in 1852, but never searched for the jewels. In 1886 David came to Santa Barbara to work as a gardener. One day, he showed the map to his employer. Together, they began tracking down landmarks for fun. Finally, they found the spot near Rincon Creek. They began digging and soon found a rusty iron box filled with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Valued at between $13,000 and $14,000, some of these jewels were identified as among those David’s father had brought from Australia almost 40 years earlier.

Although Santa Barbara did not have its own gold rush, the young city experienced the wealth, lawlessness, and tales of treasure that characterized so many of America’s boomtowns during the Gold Rush years.

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The Santa Barbara Garden Post

Weekly Column by Cerena Childress – Sustainability, Eating Fresh and Organic

JUNE! Harvest and Don’t Stop Planting!

Cucumber Flowers


June is the beginning of summer harvesting for those of you who planted in April. Tender lettuce leaves are crisp and ready; gather your glorious chard and kale.  Pull your carrots, radish and turnips.  Pick beans; grab those small salad tender zuchs before they become blimps!  Enjoy strawberries every breakfast and for your evening snaking pleasure!

June is another grand month for planting, more heat, fast growth. Plant in spots that have already finished; plant for succession, a continued harvest of your favorites! If you couldn’t take advantage of April or May, step up to it now!  Seeds are good, transplants are faster if your summer palate is salivating!  Hotties like corn, cucs, beans, melons, okara, peppers, pumpkins, New Zealand spinach, all squashes!  I’ve planted corn in August and got great October corn!  Plant tasty year-rounds – beets, carrots, chard, radish, turnips.  Tomatoes now and next month.  More tomatoes if you will be dehydrating for camping, winter stews, snacks.  Try something new –maybe something you can’t get at the store!

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Haskell’s Beach: Bacara Resort

Series on Santa Barbara County beaches by John McKinney, the TrailMaster.

For decades, Haskell’s was a locals-only beach, a secret surf spot, a strand located off the Santa Barbara tourist track and far from its many restaurants and hotels. Enter the Bacara Resort and Spa, widely and globally advertised, and now the beach is fast becoming an international attraction. While the Spanish-revival style resort is stunning, the beach below the Bacara does not overwhelm the visitor with its great beauty. However, at low tide you can walk to more picturesque locales, both up-coast and down.
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Vintage Photo of Santa Barbara: Stearns

Photo Credit for Vintage Series: Early Santa Barbara Photos taken by J W Collinge and other Santa Barbara photographers. Solely for use on the Santa Barbara View.

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Restaurant Review: Arigato Sushi

By Georgina Stassi – Food, Wine, Travel
arigato-2Always one to pick a juicy filet or a perfectly prepared chicken over any type of fish, raw fish especially never ranked very high on my personal food chain. Maybe it was going to Oprah’s favorite Santa Barbara haunt and being accompanied by my dear friend and sushi expert who was ordering for me that opened up a whole new food obsession. Driving two hours north now seems like a very reasonable price to pay to get my exceptional, high-quality, fresh fish fix at Arigato Sushi on State Street in Santa Barbara.

This place is always packed, and you are likely to have to wait to be seated which is not terrible since they will call you on your cell when your table is ready. You get to cruise State Street while waiting for your sushi fantasy to begin which only serves to make the build-up that much better. The first time I ate at Arigato I actually sat down with a new purse and sunglasses that I had just bought while conveniently waiting across the street at the Coach outlet, but I digress…

proroll-150x150Good or bad, I have definitely settled into a routine at Arigato. The first thing on the table is the Local’s Only, quite possibly the world’s most perfect combination of scallops, crabs, shitake mushrooms and onions on a bed of sushi rice served on a half shell and then lit on fire! As dramatic as it is delicious, I literally crave this fantastic appetizer when thinking about Arigato. Depending on if the kids are with me or not, a couple plates of their perfectly seasoned Kobe beef appetizers definitely keeps them happily occupied and honing their fine motor skills picking up the pieces of thinly sliced beef with their kid-friendly chop sticks. Next comes the Miso Black Cod which is so perfectly marinated and delicate that it gently flakes off to pieces and is very difficult to share since your instinct is to devour the whole serving.

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Slacklining in Santa Barbara

ropewalk2The extreme sport of tight-rope walking is gaining popularity on Santa Barbara beaches… UC Santa Barbara even has a slackline club. (video below)

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Bits From a Barstool…

Share your views… two final public meetings about the redistricting process, which could shape local representation, will take place on May 31, at Goleta City Hall and on June 1, at Solvang City Hall – both will be held from 6-9 p.m. @RedistrictSBC

Ernie Salomon on the media… “the Santa Barbara Newsless Press, we only publish our opinions Independent, and still hoping to get it together someday KEYT.”

Happy Birthday to the Mother of Enviromentalism… born on May 27th in 1907,  Rachel Carson inspired a generation of environmental activists,  and became one of the greatest nature writers in American history.

June gloom and May gray remain more than a myth… the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which tracks the climatology of average percent of possible sunshine, reports that May and June are the months with the lowest percentages (59% and 58%) of sunshine in Santa Barbara, California respectively.

Did you know… the first-ever Motel 6 opened in Santa Barbara, California in 1962?  Today at the original location, there are 51 rooms which start at $136 a night.

Santa Barbara gets a town clock… during the 50-year period between 1875 and the 1925 earthquake, the most imposing building structure in Santa Barbara was the Clock Building at the southeast corner of State and Carillo Streets. The construction of the Clock Building in 1875 by Mortimer Cook reportedly upset the old tempo life of the pueblos, and ushered in the era of the frentic American.

Weekend’s Best Bet… The I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival will celebrate its 25th anniversary from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on May 28, 29, and 30 at the Old Mission Santa Barbara, which is celebrating its 225th anniversary.

Separated at birth… Santa Barbara City Council Member Dale Francisco (left) and newly elected basketball Hall-of-Famer Chris Mullin.

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