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A Santa Barbara Boondoggle: Half-Million Dollar Tourist Attraction Not ADA Compliant

Near the Santa Barbara train station sits a rail car, pictured below, that was purchased with Redevelopment Agency money and a state grant. The City of Santa Barbara has $500-$600K invested in it, purportedly, not including the time spent by City staff. A costly restoration was done on the inside; unfortunately, it cannot be boarded and viewed inside by anyone because it is not ADA compliant. So, it sits! This half-million dollar boondoggle was executed under the Marty Blum administration.

17 Responses to “A Santa Barbara Boondoggle: Half-Million Dollar Tourist Attraction Not ADA Compliant”

  1. ViewingSB

    I’m more concerned about the story in The Daily Sound today, the state may force the city to sell all of the downtown parking garages they spent RDA money on.

    • Goleta Jim

      DS should just publish the View as much they just cover it

  2. el_smurfo

    Really? ADA required on an historic railcar? Perhaps the Mission needs an elevator to get to the belltower? Jesusita trail surely needs a wheelchair ramp?

  3. Goleta Jim

    Seen that may times always wondered it’s value

  4. Backlash

    Sure is easy to spend other people’s money. Until it runs out, then what is the next act?

  5. This kind of stuff drives me nuts. Money taken out of my kids’ classrooms and from our local police force. Thank goodness the RDA was killed early.

  6. Hidden in plain sight

    The former city council members were allowed to use RDA money to dispense favors to their friends to ensure their next election. They did this in plain sight at bizarre public hearings where their friends lined up and eagerly accepted the ready cash voted for them from the dias. Where were you?

  7. Grass roots trumps astro-turf

    What this boils down to is deep-seated contempt for the “other voter” one assumes will be misled by shrewd marketing.

    Okay, now that we know this is at stake what are you going to do about it? Send money to your own favorite side or candidate? Organize your own get out the vote campaign for fellow supporters to make sure they don’t sit this one out? Walk a precinct for your own views?

    Remember while the “other side” may have a lot more money, they still have to buy votes one at a time. With some time and legwork you can cancel the effect of sleazy paid marketing making sure at least 100 other voters in your neighborhood get a different message.

    Copy your message and walk it door to door – takes a couple of hours and only costs a few dollars. That is grass roots taking on Big Money astro-turf. Voter turn-out is so dismal these days if you as a small and dedicated group can reach a 1000 or so voters with these grass roots messages, you can make a difference

    The chick way out is to just sit it out and complain.

  8. A “Safe-rail” program would not work for “Boycott Boy” aka Steven Reynalds,because he was kicked-out of his last opportunity due to his attitude & behavior.
    That`s also why the SBPD [On Patrol] gave him such a warm recption during a stop.
    So quit trying to make other`s look bad because of YOUR doings.

  9. Your doings…..
    What does that mean exactly. I believe the View deserves to hear about “my doings”
    Oh Boycott Boy I’ll have to look that up. …..”doings”

    verb: Keeping the ship upright, having an outstanding VIEW

  10. Anonymous

    When the State gets wind of this, they’ll probably tell the City to sell it, along with the parking lots!

  11. Drop it down to accessible level and turn it into a great little railway car diner.

  12. el_smurfo

    ADA is so restrictive, there is probably no way to make it ADA without chopping off the ends and gutting the insides. Anything else probably wouldn’t be wide enough for a wheelchair.

    • Toot Toot

      It could be a walk-up, wheel-up snack bar, not unlike all the mobile food trucks making their non ADA way around town. This one would be fixed to the ground, but the same concept. It is wonderfully restored and hate to see it go to waste.