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Art Critics: The New Logo for Rebrand Lompoc

The first effort to “rebrand” Lompoc starts with the selection of a fresh, new logo to represent the Chamber of Commerce in all their marketing materials. The below logo was chosen from a field of 84 entries by a selection committee comprised of City, Chamber and community leaders, as well as representatives of the Lompoc Valley Art Association. Graphic artist Ryan Bruemmer of Graphic Systems Printers submitted the winning entry:

12 Responses to “Art Critics: The New Logo for Rebrand Lompoc”

  1. Anonymous

    Assume that’s a rocket and not something else :-)

  2. I like it. Covers all bases but would rather have seen the flower fields more colorful than just purples – would have looked fresher.

  3. Does the obverse side show the missile missing its target as usual?

  4. Really pretty logo. I am not sure if I would my community known for RELIGION, WAR & ALCOHOL…. then again its the chamber of commerce…and they ARE the biggest money making industries in that area.

    • If that is what you see of those simples, then you really are out of touch with the Lompoc Valley.

      Most of the citizens acquate the air force base’s missile launch facility with what it mostly deals with, space, not war. VAFB is one of 2 US space launch areas, and is well known in the world for that reason, not war. Yes, the US’s anti-missile defense network is operated out of VAFB, but aside from political leaders and Lompoc valley residents, this never really crosses anyones minds. As for the latter, Lompoc residents take in mind the threat of an attack, not war, since VAFB is considered a top potential target for a large-scale or nuclear attack.

      Wine is a trademark of the central coast valley, and a strong supporter of the local economy. Our vineyards are very well respected in the united states, and the world. Wine has a very different impression than other alcohol, especially abroad. Wine is tended to be viewed with prestiage, similar to gold or awards. You celebrate with wine. Contrast with beer for example, which is attributed to more of alcohol’s “colorful” views (partys, drunkenness, etc).

      The missions are more of a historical symbol versus a religious one. Like it or not, SB, Lompoc, and several other cities have their roots in the missions that first established them.

      Furthermore, Lompoc really doesn’t have much more than this. The base is a day-to-day thought for many of the residents. The vineyards are a destination. The flowers are a staple of the area (for example the flower flag that was planted for 2 years). And the mission is a favorite for kids to learn not only about California history, but of the Chumash tribes here. Unlike SB, there isn’t a zoo, large courthouse, or outdoor auditorium.

  5. Hi Sara…Chumash person here…Thank you for saying what my angry mind could not articulate….in return, I post the missing word from your response.


  6. Anonymous

    Like this image but they will need to change the name. Oxnard and Goleta too

  7. Off with the old and on with the new, but what was Lompoc’s old logo?

  8. Creme filling

    Couldn’t quite put my finger on it but finally I realized this looks like a packaging label for a chocolate easter eggs, than a distinguished city logo.

  9. Thanks Omni, i saw my typo, but after I posted i could not change it. Martin you are entirely correct.. I agreed in that its a chamber of commerce logo, so it does need to represent the main industry. ( as a graphic artist I understand the assignment and the requirements for integration into a logo ) the artist did a great job on this composition! It is not a CIty Logo, its the CoC logo, which needs to be less governmental and more inviting and friendly for all the associated media, print, web, etc.. the color palete is well thought out for this reason. (even if i tend to agree about the box of chocolate easter eggs) My biggest point is that many people may see a huge rocket shot from a military base and the cross on the mission (and grapes) as dominant elements in the logo. I am well aware that the SB CoC logo has the Mission as the main picture. ( I am sure that the Chumash, may see this as a symbol of the raping and enslaving of their peoples by the missionary catholics of the time, but I am not Chumash )