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Santa Barbara’s Cabrillo Ball Park

The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department is developing plans to renovate and expand recreation options at Cabrillo Ball Park, 800 East Cabrillo Boulevard.

Project design objectives include:
• Maintain and enhance the ball field
• Improve site access and safety
• Expand recreation opportunities

Additional recreation options being evaluated:
• Outdoor fitness and youth play area
• Basketball court
• Combined outdoor fitness and basketball court

You are invited to attend and provide input during public comment meeting on Thursday, October 15, at 5:30pm, onsite at the Cabrillo. What would you like to see done to the ball park?

Santa Barbara City Job of the Month: Water Conservation Coordinator

The City of Santa Barbara is looking for a Water Conservation Coordinator. The salary for the position ranges from $70,892.16 – $86,169.72 annually!

Water Drop Icon_thumbAccording to the job description, “under supervision, the Water Conservation Coordinator has responsibilities for the City’s Water Conservation Program. Develops, implements and coordinates conservation program elements, including, water conservation checkups for homes, businesses, hotels/motels, and recreational facilities: makes recommendations to improve efficiency; provides specialized assistance to City high-water users; promotes and administers the use of recycled water. Oversees the development and implementation of water education programs, public information material on water resources, and media campaigns for water conservation and water awareness. Preparation and administration of the Water Conservation program budget. Serve on various State and County water conservation committees. Assist with the selection and oversee training and coordination of water conservation staff. Evaluates conservation program results; publicizes the effectiveness of water conservation measures; and implements revisions to program elements to meet conservation goals. Participates in the preparation of demand forecasts, rate modification proposals, and long-term supply planning documents.”

To apply for this job, Click Here.

City Council Candidate List

As of Wednesday, September 30, 2015… here are the candidates who have officially filed to run for Santa Barbara City Council.

District 1
Andria Martinez Cohen
Cruzito Herrera Cruz
Jason Dominguez
Jacqueline Inda
Michael Merenda
*Sebastian Aldana Jr. has declared but not filed

District 2
Robert W. Burke
Luis Esparza
K. Missy McSweeney-Zeitsoff
Randy Rowse

District 3
Sharon Byrne
Cristina Cardoso
Cathy Murillo

Shark Tales in Santa Barbara, California

As Barbara noted in her column about global warming vs. El Nino, and there are those hammerhead sharks that have been frightening people. Here is the latest video of a kayaker fighting off an aggressive hammerhead right off the Santa Barbara coast.

Questions for the Candidates

sbview_election1-300x300The November elections are a month away and Santa Barbara View will be submitting questions for the candidates this week. But we want to hear from you… what questions would you like to ask the candidates running for Santa Barbara City Council?

Below are the ten questions asked last election season:

  1. Are City pensions a problem? (Yes or No)
  2. What will you do to reclaim State Street?
  3. What new revenue sources do you envision for the City of Santa Barbara?
  4. Do you think there are too many or too few resources for Santa Barbara’s homeless?
  5. What would you change regarding resources for Santa Barbara’s homeless?
  6. What level of priority will you assign to infrastructure repairs of sidewalks, curbs and storm drains that our neighborhoods need, and have been ignored in favor of brick sidewalks downtown and “traffic calming” projects?
  7. How will you limit any new increased density development to only those neighborhoods who ask for it, instead of imposing it from the top down?
  8. What will you do to help local, small business retailers stay in Santa Barbara?
  9. What uniquely qualifies you to be on the Santa Barbara City Council?
  10. Name three Santa Barbara people, past or present, who have influenced your views.

The Pearl Chase House

The Mills Act (a state sponsored legislation enacted in 1972) is a self-directed, economic incentive program for owners of historic buildings that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places or on a state, county, or city official register. The Mills Act it is the single most important economic incentive program available in California for private property owners of qualified historic buildings. It is also applicable to income producing properties.

Under the program, property owners receive a significant reduction in local property taxes in exchange for their promise to actively participate in restoring, rehabilitating, repairing and preserving their properties. Participants enter into a perpetual 10-year contract with the City.

pearlhomeToday, the Santa Barbara City Council will discuss and consider a Mills Act contract for Ethan Reece and Hsing-Yi Lin and their historically significant Pearl Chase House property at 2012 Anacapa Street.

The Pearl Chase House was constructed in 1904, in the Craftsman architectural style. The house was designated as a City Landmark on August 6, 1991, as it was the home of the noted Santa Barbara Community Activist, Pearl Chase. When the current owners purchased the house in 2013 it had suffered extensive termite and dry rot damage. The planned rehabilitation proposes to repair critical deterioration of the wood siding, porch columns and windows as well as replace deteriorated plumbing and electrical work.

Join a City Advisory Group

City_SealWould you like to play an important role in shaping the Santa Barbara community? If you are interested in contributing ideas and making a difference, apply now to serve in one 54 City Advisory Groups vacancies (PDF). For more information go to You can also download an application here (PDF). The deadline for submitting applications related to the City’s semi-annual recruitment is Tuesday, October 6, 2015, at 5:30 p.m.