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Pinching of Santa Barbara Streets Tough on Motorists

Traffic impediments calming devices continue to take a beating all around Santa Barbara.

14 Responses to “Pinching of Santa Barbara Streets Tough on Motorists”

  1. Anonymous

    From the tire tracks, looks like this city construct would be even tougher on pedestrians! No wonder citizens are standing up to the City Transportation department–like those pleading for and repeatedly requesting a couple more traffic lights on Milpas St. where there have been too many fatalities. The on-the-ground reality for real-life people in real-life traffic is a lot different from the statistical, hypothetical and political computer models the transportation types believe in.

  2. Anonymous

    A better photo would be a bout that hasn’t been hit, scuffed and runned over.

  3. Anonymous

    Do any other cities have these? The ones in the center with palms and bad landscaping bug!

  4. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that this blog keeps posting all these photos that show what pathetic drivers SB has. Give it a rest.

  5. el_smurfo

    From the curvature of the tracks, these are not right turns but rather “U” turns…my theoretical culprit would be street sweepers.

  6. Anonymous

    Waiting for MR. Murillo to defend these. Reelect Michael Self!

  7. This picture seems to be poor example if you are trying to show a bulb out. Looks like a regular corner with handicap cuts. Just plain old bad driving

  8. Confused

    These are ramps for wheelchair users and have no bulbout at all.
    Drivers encroach onto the sidewalks here because of the ramp.

    • Anonymous

      So it’s okay for drivers to drive onto the sidewalk built for people in wheelchairs? Now I’m confused. Drivers are supposed to drive around this tight corner, where the cars belong not on top of it where the people are.

  9. Anonymous

    I ride my bike all around town and have no problem with bulbous — it easy to check my rear view mirror to see if traffic is approaching from behind. If it is, I slow down a bit to ensure that I don’t pass the bulbout at the same time as a car. No problema.

  10. Dan Seibert

    I’ve noticed the city isn’t building them like this anymore. Now that pie shaped piece on the left is raised to the level of curb. I like this design better but we live in time when we must stay within the lines. No cutting corners allowed.