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Complaints About Parking of the Clean Air Express

Letter to the Editor

My house is in an E-I zone… across the street is a 60′, blue, tourist bus that has been parking there almost every day… and this street has parking restrictions on wed. & thurs … this monster takes up 3 car parking spots… I wonder why they are not restricted to commercial areas ??… Is this happening all over town ??

4 Responses to “Complaints About Parking of the Clean Air Express”

  1. el_smurfo

    These are city subsidized busses. They should do what the trucks such as the Berry Man do in Goleta and park right in front of City Hall. Otherwise, the rates should be increased to account for the need for commercial parking and storage. It seems those who create the problems should deal with them, not the taxpaying residents.

  2. sbsurfer

    If this is a legitimate complaint, why is there no name or any way to identify the person complaining? Honestly, I’ve never driven down Chapala Street in the middle of the day on a Monday and seen this. Where’s the proof this is a recurring event and not just a one time whine?

    • el_smurfo

      Perhaps because we live in a rather petty little town and folks prefer to bring issues to the public anonymously for fear of ridicule or other repercussions.

  3. The clean air express *normally* parks near on a road between the county mental health and county health building across the social security office, and the Goleta fleet at near the empty lot across from campus point. Right now, there is work being down where they normally park. My house is just outside this picture, and I haven’t seen them there other than today. Also, it isn’t the end of the world, its a bus that can’t fit (or navigate easily) downtown.

    Julie’s comment on the previous post says in a much better manner what many think about this “issue”.

    “Who ever guaranteed you that a bus would not park on your street? Who ever told you that you would never have to compromise or feel inconvenienced? This bus provides “clean air transportation” to people working in SB. It takes cars off the freeway and helps our environment; what more do you want? I guess they could try to come up with a way to make the bus become invisible while not in use, but I’m sure people would complain about that as well.”