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Coming Soon to a Block Near You: Clean Air Express Parking in Santa Barbara Neighborhoods

Since dealing with RVs parked in the neighborhoods is now a regular occurrence, get used to another big, unsettling intrusion: the big commuter bus.

Residents on Chapala Street are wondering when their neighborhood became a parking lot for the Clean Air Express—and who allows it. The massive blue bus has parked there all week, adding visual pollution and taking away parking spots for those who live there. Are big rigs next?

Once again those who live and work and pay taxes to live in Santa Barbara are expected to make way for those who don’t—right in front of our own homes.

32 Responses to “Coming Soon to a Block Near You: Clean Air Express Parking in Santa Barbara Neighborhoods”

  1. Where do you suggest they park? still waiting for actual journalism rather than petty complainants from this “news” site.


      Easy there cowboy, you will be 86 for not agreeing with the views slanted eyesight.

  2. Do they written authorization by Cam Sanchez? (they can park on streets legally for no more than 2 hours at a time. Call PD parking enforcment and inquire about any special permits.

    10.44.200 Unlawful Parking of Trailers, Mobilehomes, Recreational Vehicles, Trucks and Buses.

    A. STREET PARKING. No person shall park or stand or permit to remain for a longer period than two (2) hours on any street or highway or public alley or on a parkway area between curb and sidewalk, any trailer, semi-trailer, or bus (all as defined in the California Vehicle Code) or any mobilehome (as defined in Title 28 of this Code), or any truck used primarily for business or commercial hauling and of a weight in excess of three quarters (3/4) ton capacity, unless such person has a written authorization from the Chief of Police or his delegate.

    • Very interesting code citation. It obviously has not been applied to the RVs parked along Cabrillo Blvd, all day, every day — nor, speaking of buses, to the blue bus that is parked every day, every weekday, at least, along Cabrillo Boulevard, taking up two or three spaces. (After 6, it is parked across the street in the parking lot as part of the “new beginnings” — a “beginnings” that has been going on for years, except when the bus is touring across country, as recently, something many of us “homed” can’t afford to do.)

      • This (A) section of the code does not apply to recreational vehicles (the rest of the code does however. The blue bus is no longer used to carry over 15 passengers, or whatever the vehicle codes define as buses. I was point out this for buses particularily. I do believe we would solve the RV problem if it were added to the A section. I haven’t read what exactly the city lost in court on (I believe it may have found a night restriction draconian and discriminating) and therefore ended up with this code.

        • Blind-Sided

          City didn’t lose in court against the RV crowd, enabled by Sara Miller McCune. City rolled over and settled for reasons unknown. And then those termed out city council people left the the rest of us to clean up their mess.

      • Boyz In Blue

        The Big Blue Bus travesty has been going on for almost a decade. At one time 7 dogs, 3 teenagers and two adults were living in the bus and New Begninnings embraced this travesty as their compassionate poster child. The Big Blue Bus follows the weather camping out for free in SB when the weather isn’t good in Montana.

        He used to hang his laundry and bedding out in the county admin parking lot, run his generator 24/7 and park his accessory trailer hogging huge parts of public parking. County got smart and booted him out.

        City yet again rolled over and kicked the rest of SB taxpaying, rule abiding residents in the teeth enabling this menagerie to inflict their selfish blight on our town.

  3. Martin, SB View is NOT a news site.. “It’s a website for informed opinion writing and thoughtful analysis about the stories, events, and people…” Just a bunch of opinion that ignites conversation. Entertainment.

    • It’s filed under a topic called “news”, not opinion, letters or the like, and less then a month ago that statement on the about page read “Sb View is a source of news, thoughts, and events in Santa Barbara.”

  4. For the record though, normally they have assigned parking near the county health buildings, right now that area is being worked on. In a few days they will be back to parking in their normal spot. Also, the bus primarily brings people to SB who work here and live elsewhere. That work would be unfilled if those commuters couldn’t get here, which would make those businesses suffer, and subsequently, our local economy. The money those people save in gas also saves the environment and eases traffic congestion in the Santa Barbara area. This helps keep beautiful Santa Barbara beautiful. Overall the net loss in taxes is far less then the value employees bring and the cost savings of gas (which affects supply locally), road repairs, and need for traffic improvements.


      At least somebody has some facts!!! good job

  5. Anonymous

    If you are in the transportation business a yard or a boat slip should be required. Personal boats parked in the streets are bad enough.

  6. reality time

    All complaining, no solution. Does anyone who writes for this rant fest care to offer anything that’s other than a complaint? I know, these buses can park in the soon-to-be-vacant Scolari’s lot. That’ll make columnist Sharon Byrne really happy. Right?

  7. el_smurfo

    More annoying is their regular route down Mission. It appears most of the riders are from the Cottage area (by the scrubs), so why doesn’t the bus find a less congested area to park closer to their customers? I’m actually surprised a commuter bus stop was not mandated of the hospital along with all the other enviro-nanny bonuses.

  8. This bus parks directly across my house most mornings at Oak Park. Although it’s not what I would call preferable, it is hardly the worst thing that could be happening in my life. I go to work so I can’t say with much surety how long the bus parks there, but to be perfectly honest with everyone, I am beginning to get fed up with all the complaining about every little inconvenience we encouter in SB. Who ever guaranteed you that a bus would not park on your street? Who ever told you that you would never have to compromise or feel inconvenienced? This bus provides “clean air transportation” to people working in SB. It takes cars off the freeway and helps our environment; what more do you want? I guess they could try to come up with a way to make the bus become invisible while not in use, but I’m sure people would complain about that as well.

  9. All the more reason to provide public parking or lease yards for the hardworking bus and truck drivers who live in SB, Goleta and Carp.

  10. High Society

    Martin, please supply your address to the bus company so they can park in front of your residence with no further problems.

  11. High Society

    If unemployment in Santa Barbara is such a problem, why are we bringing in so any workers from out of town anyway? We have plenty of people residing right here in town already who would love to take over these jobs.

    Next question: why are so many people pitching tents on the lawns and sleeping on the front steps of Trinity Episcopal Church (State Street and East Micheltorena). Give them the jobs out-ot-town commuters have taken away from the local residents.

    • sbsurfer

      There are people who make north of $80,000 a year and still can’t afford to live on the South Coast. So instead of sticking another car on the 101, many of them get into buses. They eat at your restaurants, work in your schools, hospitals, other large employers. Watch the economy crumble without them. High Society, your name indicates how out of touch you are.

    • Are you seriously suggesting we should replace Cottage Hospital nurses with homeless people?

  12. High Society: Thankfully we live in a country that does not limit us to certain regions in which we can work. We all have the freedom to find work in any city we like. People in SB work in neighboring cities and vice versa. To imply that we are “bringing in people” from surrounding cities to fill jobs in SB is ridiculous! What jobs are you referring to that people in SB would love to “take over”? You must be qualified or educated in most fields to qualify for employment and If the people who live in SB aren’t qualified then it doesn’t matter if they “would love to take over these jobs”. The homeless are probably not qualifed to hold most positions at Cottage Hospital, so whether or not people travel to work those jobs really has no baring on the homeless and no one is taking away their possibility for finding employment.

  13. High Society

    Anyone who cannot live and buy a home/condo in Santa Barbara on an $80,000 a year salary has (1) not checked Santa Barbara real estate prices lately and is (2) failing to budget properly. Whining about not being able to afford to live in Santa Barbara has run its course. You just have not tried to do it on $80,000, but you can.

    • el_smurfo

      Agreed. Have done it for the last 20 years, most of them on far less than $80K.

    • Um, reality check, $80,000 is a lot of money given the current job availability in SB. The jobs that pay that amount or more have not opened up for years, causing people to settle at incomes in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. The median income of Santa Barbara county for 2010 was $64,000, which is also less then $80,000. I know 12 people that take the bus daily to get to work, 8 of which go to SB. They all commute from Lompoc, most of them own a house in there that they bought before the housing crunch a few years ago. Lompoc has had a far harder time retaining and growing jobs than Santa Barbara. Right now, no one wants to buy houses in Lompoc, which puts those residents in a predicament which prevents them from buying housing in Santa Barbara without a huge cost.

      As for the comment “since there are unemployed in Santa Barbara, businesses should hire from Santa Barbara”, that is just a ignorant comment. the unemployment throughout the county sucks, and the majority of the jobs are in Santa Barbara. If someone more qualified applies and is awarded a job from a neighboring city, the more power to them.

      • Times are a'changin

        Um, reality check Martin. If you can’t find job that let’s you live in Santa Barbara then move where you can afford to live. No one owes you a job or house in Santa Barbara. This seems to be a missing part of your arguments. We don’t owe commuters bus parking spots in our residential neighborhoods either. It is all about market reality.

        If we really need you, we will pay you. Otherwise you are fungible employment fodder. This is the reality check we ALL faced at one time or another until we found the right job, the right compensation, the right quality of life and the right place to live. Keep looking, because life does not sound very happy for you here.

        • >>”Keep looking, because life does not sound very happy for you here.”<<

          He's not the one pitching a fit because a bus parked on his block.

  14. High Society

    Dozens of SB condos in mid $300,000’s available right now on

    General rule is to spend 25-33%of income on housing. That means one can spend $20-26,000 a year, if they make $80,000 a year. If they save most of their paycheck for a few years because they really, really want to “live in Santa Barbara” they can have the house paid off or build up a good downpayment and soon live rent free for the rest of their lives.

    Cry me another river please than “you can’t live in Santa Barbara on $80,000 a year”. And we are not even talking about manufactured housing in Santa Barbara. Admit you are a snob and you don’t want to live where you can afford, okay?

  15. dogwalker

    This is a commuter bus getting extra cars OFF the 101. Why hasn’t anyone just called the bus company and filed a complaint? WAY too much attention has been given here. The commenters on the View are as nasty and shortsighted as on edhat.

  16. Times are a'changin

    dogwalker – tell me why calling people names ( nasty and short-sighted) is not as nasty and short-sighted as edhat too? Woof.

  17. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for bringing this to light.