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Coexisting with Bicyclists, Motorists and Pedestrians… and Skateboarders

A week ago, we published the California Vehicle Codes that pertain to crosswalks following a two-day sting. With a police crackdown on skateboarders taking place this week in Santa Barbara, below is the related City Ordinance, Chapter 10.06:


Sections: 10.06.010

(a), PROHIBITION. No person shall ride a skateboard, roller skate, in-line skate or similar device upon any public street, or upon the following City sidewalks, City walkways, City boardwalks, or public ways owned or maintained by the City:

(1)Within the area of the downtown bounded by the following streets (including the perimeter streets): Sola Street on the north, Chapala Street on the west, Santa Barbara Street on the east and Cabrillo Boulevard on the south.
(2) The south sidewalk of Cabrillo Boulevard from Santa Barbara Street to Milpas Street.
(3) The sidewalks on either side of and along the entire length of Coast Village Road.
(4) On and along the following sidewalks, adjacent to the Santa Barbara Harbor: i) the sidewalks directly adjacent to the Harbor seawall, beginning at a point adjacent to the public launching ramps and extending to Harbor Way, and ii) the sidewalk along the southerly side of the Harbor beginning at the intersection with the sidewalk described in i) and continuing southerly and easterly to the most easterly point of the Breakwater.
(5) On the docks, floats and ramps in the Santa Barbara Harbor.
(6) Public parking facilities, public parking lots, or other public areas the entrances to which are posted with signs prohibiting skateboarding and roller skating.
(b) The Department of Public Works shall post appropriate signs as necessary to advise the public of the requirements of this Chapter.
(c) This Section shall not apply to any person skateboarding, in-line skating or roller skating on a public street while participating in an event that has been issued a special event permit by the Chief of Police specifically allowing skateboarding, in-line skating or roller skating on public streets. (Ord. 5159, 2000; Ord. 4954, 1996; Ord. 4910, 1995; Ord. 4622, 1990; Ord. 4439, 1986; Ord. 4133, 1982; Ord. 4016 §1, 1979; Ord. 3991, 1979.)


5 Responses to “Coexisting with Bicyclists, Motorists and Pedestrians… and Skateboarders”

    • If we mailed about 1000 of those things to the Bicycle Coalition most of our problems with jerk bike riders would be solved.

  1. Photo says it all – except it’s looking uphill. The really scary ones are the skateboarders who come barreling downhill in that narrow space with the expectation that pedestrians will (a) see/hear them and (b) move out of the way. Absolutely thrilled that the cops are cracking down. There are alternate routes skateboarders can take, and a fair percentage of cosmic jerks has ruined it for the responsible boarders.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah that kid in the photo is a real criminal. Just look at that criminal criminalizing the sidewalk. Those poor rude tourists taking up the entire sidewalk won’t be able to get around with all their stuffed shopping bags. There might be an accident!

    OMG I’m not going to ever walk on State again until these crims are rounded up and the key tossed away. Confiscate the skateboard, put the kid in Juvenile Hall, ruin his chances of anything, set up a criminal record and an introduction to the revolving door, and then we can all relax knowing these terrorists are locked up. Meanwhile I’m going to the beach to let my dog run around off leash, then I’m going for a bike ride in the middle of the street and I’m going to blow off every single stop sign. After that I’m headed out for a brewski and then I’ll drive home and watch TV. Hey as long as those terrorists are locked up I can enjoy the Real Housewives.

  3. Let me get this straight…. tons of tourists visiting Santa Barbara and seeing a piece of California’s history; the Skateboard ( in the home of one of the most famous skateboarding company )