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Cold Springs Arch Suicide Barrier Foiled Again


The controversial suicide barrier, which has ruined once-spectacular views of and from the historic Cold Springs Arch Bridge, has reportedly been foiled again. The so-called suicide prevention barrier proved to be ineffective just six months after completion when a 30-year-old man allegedly foiled the multi-million dollar cage and jumped to his death last September. Now comes reports that a second man, identified as Gilbert Hererra from Santa Barbara, scaled the  9’7” tall mesh fence and jumped to his death this holiday weekend. The tragic suicide marks the 56th time a person has jumped to his/her death since the bridge opened in in 1964. The barrier was completed in March, 2012.

6 Responses to “Cold Springs Arch Suicide Barrier Foiled Again”

  1. Bridge too far

    If there were no bridge, there would be on views from the bridge. So how can a suicide barrier ruin anything that was man-made in the first place? The time spent actually on the bridge with eye diverted to the view are minimal. Forcing suicide attempts to only the ends of the bridge do make it more accessible for search and rescue teams who were among the heartiest supporters to install this barrier. They deserve consideration too. The suicide barrier is working.

  2. Two suicides in approximately a year since it was built? That’s a pretty tenuous definition of success. And if “working” refers to the people landing in more convenient locations for recovery of their bodies, then that’s a remarkably crass definition of success.

    • Adding it up

      Don’t measure only by the numbers of suicides; measure also by the safety for rescue personnel too. This was not just about suicide prevention. Please talk to some rescue personnel who were put at risk too by the remoteness of the site if someone jumped from the middle of the bridge where the barrier acts as a much stronger deterrent at least at that location on the bridge. 6 seconds of view while driving across this bridge is not worth putting rescue personnel in harms way any more than we have to.

  3. Anonymous

    They were bound and determined to build this regardless of rime or reason

  4. Anonymous

    The project coordinator should be fired! So many better ways to go about this like a hotline, a staffed booth or an electrical charge. Probably will get just an Oh well and zero accountability

  5. Imola Hasst

    I don’t get suicide, but the expense of erecting this barrier is obscene too. The view is no big deal, unnecessary fencing is stupid. It someone wants to kill themselves there are many other ways….also how many jumped that nobody knows about?