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Coleen Sullivan Moving to Anchor Chair

colleenAccording to a View insider, KEYT assignment reporter Coleen Sullivan will be moving over to the anchor’s chair. Sullivan, who is best known for having a high-profile relationship with Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, was clearly over-qualified to be a reporter in Santa Barbara. Sullivan will reportedly replace Mike Klan as Weekend News Anchor and Mr. Klan will reportedly move back to sports.

4 Responses to “Coleen Sullivan Moving to Anchor Chair”

  1. William Munny

    Too bad. Klan was a nice edition on the weekend. He did pretty well, especially considering he wasn’t working with the regulars in the studio. I saw one newscast where they gave him either the wrong picture and/or the story wouldn’t load for 2 or 3 items in a row. Pretty funny to watch but he handled it well.

  2. I don’t understand the “musical chairs” agenda at KEYT.
    Mike Klan was great as an anchor, very personable and could hold down the whole anchor desk on his own.
    Now he’s relegated to the Sports desk. What of the man who had the Sports Desk? He’s now out in the field where Colleen used to be. Way to pull rank because you know the late Princess Diana’s brother- big deal.

  3. nparshall

    Sounds to me like she’s more than qualified, otherwise she wouldn’t get the position! I trust KEYT! Don’t be jelious, give her a chance people! She’s great!