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Kevin Costner Dances with Hedges

Official Complaint Against Kevin Costner for Excessive Hedges

A Santa Barbara View Exclusive
Prominent local attorney Shereef Moharram has filed a complaint on behalf Charles Grim because of Kevin Costner’s refusal to trim and cut down his hedges on Beach Club Drive. The local celebrity’s hedges obstruct Grimm’s ocean view, even though the rules for the development state that no hedge shall be over six feet tall. Santa Barbara View is the first publication to publish this high-profile complaint, see PDF left. The public document was filed in Santa Barbara court on Monday and the case will be assigned to the scholarly Judge Anderle.

26 Responses to “Kevin Costner Dances with Hedges”

  1. Smokey Sez

    The trees need to be trimmed and/or thinned.

  2. Skeptical

    Nice scam the neighbors has going. They buy the property next door to a movie star and immediately decide to convert their established residential property to a rental property. Of course the word will get out that Costner is the next door neighbor, and that the – helpfully extended – deck overlooks his property. So now the neighbor can earn premium rental income renting the place to the paparazzi. Or other lookie-lous. And of course Costner is left with no privacy.

    • Longview

      Thank you skeptical for providing this additional perspective. No, the trees do not have to come down, but they could be topped to open the long view and still protect the shorter view down into Kostner’s property.

  3. Skeptical

    That should read “Nice scam the neighbors HAVE going.”

  4. moonshine

    I was thinking the same thing Skeptical. I did a lot of planting of hedges and trees myself when I had nosy neighbor problems and I’m not even a celebrity.

  5. Anonymous

    Who was there first? Somewhere Rob Lowe is smiling!

  6. Anonymous

    Nice to have a local TABLOID patting tehmselves on the back over a neighbor squabble

    • Anonymous

      edhat had the story too but removed it.

  7. Addresses of celebrities! Made public! What would Wendy McCaw do?

    • Anonymous

      Wendy won’t touch this with a ten foot pole. You’re fired.

  8. el_smurfo

    Sigh…would be more appropriate to the local focus of this blog if someone photographed Helene’s supposedly violating hedges. This story is demeaning and the local connection is a stretch.

  9. Anonymous

    Sad when you can’t talk to your neighbors any more. :-(

    • el_smurfo

      I talk to my neighbors all the time. I even tell them when they are doing something that impacts my home, though we usually compromise like adults. It’s only when you get a bunch of big egos involved that a dispute over 4 feet of hedge devolves into a $500K lawsuit. Reading through this thing is actually laughable…I can only envision the type of person who could itemize their imagined indignities in such highfalutin language with a straight face.

  10. Anonymous

    Reminds me of Marty Blum going after everyone with bamboo. Silly and a waste of time and money.

  11. I think if you found your view blocked by your neighbor and your neighbor refused to do anything about it, you’d not find it silly. Hard to give much of a damn about a couple of rich people squabbling, but seems to me the principle of how much are covenants worth is important. Stupid of Costner to have let it get to this point; now everyone knows or can know their address. Judge Anderle’s opinion will be interesting.

    I wonder why edhat dropped it, if they had it all?

    • It’s now in edhat with a link to the SBV.

  12. I read through all the entire complaint and kind of interesting that Grimm claimed he relied on the development docs when he purchased that said no more than 6 foot hedges, etc. but in those same development docs it can be argued that is says residents can NOT rent out their properties in paragraph 4. So it will be interesting to see if Cosnter counter-sues for breach of contract with a right back at you to get Grimm to stop renting. These same docs also say only 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 pet birds are allowed!

  13. Its on his property and he pays the property taxes on it, so they should just drop this case, its the most stupid case I have ever heard.. As far as i am concern God owns the hedges and its his air.

  14. How come Grimm can rent his property out as a vacation or rental home when the document distinctly states the property cannot be used as a commercial property'(paragraph 4) under restrictions..I hope the Costners counter-sue.

  15. Grim Reaper

    Sounds like there are grounds for a third-party beneficiary lawsuit by neighbors having their quiet enjoyment violated by breach of contract terms. Additionally this might well be a zoning violation – commercial use in a residential area – any county ordinance restrictions on this particular zone?

    A zoning violation complaint would be another potential remedy, if this were the case. Wonder if IRS knows about this extra rental income or is everything above board? Does this owner have more than four other property rentals and not have a CA real estate brokers license? TOT violations? The possibilities are many to explore for remediation.

  16. Here we go. We just got rid of the pro-Y spammers, and now we’re starting to see some pro Kevin-Costner spammers (Jenn and gramburger).

  17. Oh, and Grim Reaper. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out and cost you your couple of bucks for that message.