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Cracking Down on Sidewalk Bikers and Skateboarders

After being exposed on Santa Barbara View, it appears our local police are finally cracking down on bicyclists and skateboards who use the sidewalk.
The Palm has the story…

9 Responses to “Cracking Down on Sidewalk Bikers and Skateboarders”

  1. Bottomline

    Always happy to see progress, but in this case what took them so long to cure such an obvious and repeated hazard??? We need to renegotiate what we thing “basic services” are with our city. Downtown is our city’s economic retail sales engine and has been neglected by past city councils.

    Good to have business-oriented people now serving on city council. (Thank you Dale, Frank and Randy) I hope they keep working as best they can to undo the neglect this area received after all the ribbon-cutting hardscape beautification ego trips of the prior councils.

    With this new hardscape bulb-out city council majority now in back in charge again (Thank you voters. Not) I worry the actual retail trade appeal of these streets will continue to degrade.

    Please continue to turn the tide on the soft-scape appeal (retail dollars) of State Street and stop adding any more frou frou to the hardscape. Okay? At $250,000 a bulb-out, we can put a lot more public safety people on those very same streets to stop this degradation of Downtown and net far more overall benefit for the entire city, than what a single pedestrian crossing can bring.

    • The $250,000 was a grant that can only be used for that type of purpose. If you want to do some grant writing and find money for your ideas; by all means we welcome you. The skateboards have increased with the huge popularity of that sport, but its really the bikes on the sidewalks that are the real problem. I hardly see bikes that often on the sidewalks on State.. but all the other streets. Don’t rely on government to fix this behavior. I never step out of the way and tell them to use the street. Speak up!

      • I think if the streets were safer for bicyclists, with more bike lanes, there’d be fewer on the sidewalks. And bike lanes and bulbouts do not go together. As for the skateboards on the sidewalks, I do think they are a problem, not least because they seem to be able to stop less well.

  2. Anonymous

    Saw they were ticketing those who didnt stop for pedistrians at marked cross walks too. Progress I guess.

    • Anonymous

      It was a setup! Fake walkers acting with police to dupe drivers!! Not cool. These tickets should be thrown out by Frank Ochoa. Catch people in the act = fine. But set a trap with false scenarios is fraud!

  3. Saw a teenager getting major air on his stingray at the skate park this morning. Like this youngster of course, no helmet, pads or gloves, and a backpack full of unfinished homework. Sure makes me proud to see such fine parents produced by our American Riviera standards.
    This unsafe use of sidewalks, streets and the skate park has gone on for so long that you’d have to imagine someone is making a boatload on fracture repair and head traumas…
    (I must have an axe to grind with Cottage Hosp. as well!)
    If “Bottomline”only knew how much money is spent by the council just meeting the status-quo political guideline…
    For instance the best hard scape improvement the city could make, bang for your buck, is better road signs. (One way directional signs next to traffic lights would definitely be an improvement.)
    I pulled off 101 S onto Castillio, after the underpass is an 18″ by 18″ sign next to some overgrown bushes directing to the college and the beach. Yet when some pet project goes on forever, we have to have 60″ by 60″ signs touting how great it is to be in the prok barrel !?!
    Get out your ticket book SBPD! It’s going to be one long year of protecting and serving for you tired old beat cops!

  4. GrammaGone

    Tired of getting flipped off by vicious skateboarders on downtown sidewalks when I do protest. I go elsewhere rather than put my no so quick limbs peril downtown. Gheesh, what an attitude coming from this city. Stop applying for grants for stupid projects just because you can get bulb-out money. Who is running this place anyway?

  5. Peerless limes

    Buzz bombed by two bratty skateboarders on downtown sidewalk Saturday. Dodging one is bad enough, but two plowing down the sidewalk together shows this generations total disregard for rules or common decency. Scofflaws are what we raised and tolerated for too long. Dudes with ‘tudes.