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Democrats to Mayor: Cease Signature Gathering

Mayor Helene Schneider’s three proposals that will increase taxes on local businesses and raise the City’s sales tax by half a cent continue to draw derision…

The Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County has serious reservations with the (Mayor’s) ballot measures as currently proposed,” says an official statement. “We ask the Mayor to cease signature gathering efforts for the current proposals. We commit to working in dialogue with the Mayor and the broader community to work on proposed changes to the ballot measures that would meet the goals laid out by the Mayor, taking into account the concerns of all affected parties.”

12 Responses to “Democrats to Mayor: Cease Signature Gathering”

  1. Confused

    About 10 Democrats from Isla Vista and Santa Maria had that message, not the members from Santa Barbara.

  2. Note – the proposal of union concessions are not even mentioned in this article. (?)

    “Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often.”
    Mark Twain

  3. Anonymous

    Who ever signs these initiatives should be publically shamed. And what’s up with the Mayor and her ‘political consultant’? Cozy at worst

  4. Anonymous

    Thought the Mayor was married / investigation report needed

  5. el_smurfo

    Our own little version of “Going Rogue”…deserves the same level of derision.

  6. Dog Day

    Very interesting. Helene and Linderman get starry-eyed (over each other, it appears) and decide to launch 4 ballot initiatives to ‘spread the pain’ this fall. Daraka Larimore-Hall, the tyrant union boss leader of the local Dem party, throws a hissy fit, because Helene didn’t think to consult with him first. This statement is the result of said hissy fit. Helene also didn’t endorse his slate of Dem candidates last fall for city council, come to think of it. And LarimoreHall was recently in the news for having the equivalent of a lovers’ tiff (lot of that going around in the Dems, it seems. What an incestuous bunch) with his roommate Marshall Ghetto (leader of Occupy SB). Larimore-Hall took out a restraining order against Ghetto, ‘fearing for his life’…because they had some spat. THIS is the proud leadership of the local Democratic party. Everyone go ahead and throw up… and then do something about it. Call for his head. Demand he resign. Get some real, courageous leadership in for a change. What’s Susan Jordan doing nowadays? She’d be good. Stop putting up party-hacks (HBJ) for election, and expecting us to ‘get in line’ (Daraka’s threat to any Dem who darest think for themselves). For once, Helene showed a little sense in leaving whathisname-Hall in the dirt. I don’t support her ballot initiatives, but I DO support kicking the nutwing Flacks-Larrimore-Hall contingent squarely in the behind.

  7. Anonymous

    The research and wording, the backdrop and website, petitions and petition-gatherers all cost money, and it’s time the Mayor let the citizens of this town know who is backing her little adventure into initiative-land, and when she finds the time to do this. Or maybe this is just something she and her long-time consultant cooked up quietly and cozily together in their spare time to give her a bold “accomplishment” to enhance her next mayoral run.

  8. Anonymous

    What is most disappointing is that its a total waste of time. The effort needed to get these on the ballot should be spent elsewhere.

  9. Reality Check

    This is the most BIZARRE move by an elected official I have seen locally for a long time…….WTF? Makes ZERO sense. Good heads-up though on what a poor leader she is.

  10. I have not read closely the proposals; I don’t know whether I’ll sign to get them on the ballot — or, if they get the signatures, not an easy job (and, yes, the campaign expenses will be public record, probably available in the City Clerk’s office) if I’ll vote for them or one of them. I do think this was gutsy of her and shows she’s the mayor of all Santa Barbara, not just the Democratic handmaiden of Larimore-Hall-Mickey Flacks. (Anything they don’t like can’t be all bad!)

    A Democrat, I, one voter, one opinion, have admired that she did not endorse anyone last November or, for that matter, come out either for or against Measure B. The Council is supposed to be non-partisan and Mayor Schneider deserves respect and praise for working for that. She has mine.

    • William Munny

      Agree on both your last points. Also, its probably safe to assume Larimore doesn’t like it because it wasn’t run by him in advance. Nice to see the Mayor doesn’t feel she needs to get his stamp of approval to before governing. If the majority of people in Santa Barbara respected Larimore and what he had to say, I’m sure he’d run for public office himself.

  11. Anonymous

    The Mayor also had to backtrack on the schools part of her proposal. Since she didn’t bother to check with the education community before her announcement, they were not happy because she may have undermined the SB Education Foundation’s ballot measure.