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EcoFacts: Our Own Ecosystem

Eco FactsLife is a balancing act, and the pH of a system is a perfect example.Numbers higher than 7 on the pH scale are alkaline and lower is acidic, and here are some pHs of our bodily fluids:

blood =  7.35 – 7.45
saliva =  6.4 – 8
urine = 4 – 8
stomach acids =  2(ish)
small intestine = 8
intracellular fluids = 7 and higher

The systems in our bodies are always working together to regulate pH, especially our lungs and kidneys. When we exhale and pee, we are ridding ourselves of CO2 and other acidic waste products, products of breathing and eating.

How foods taste does not indicate whether or not they are acid forming when digested. For example, lemons are very alkaline, which is why they are often used in cleanses and juice fasts. Watermelons are too. I remember an alternative doctor, years ago, recommending an all watermelon diet for a short while to an unwell dear older British gent I knew, one whose diet was normally things like eggs fried in bacon fat. (I enjoyed those eggs too.)

Processed foods and sugars are acid producing as well as meats, dairy and most grains. There are hundreds of charts and lists available, and with some foods, they do not agree, due to varying properties. Check them out if interested, searching acid alkaline foods and images, or acid alkaline diets.

Sodium bicarbonate, baking soda, is a natural antacid, good for taking care of excess stomach acids, preventing tooth decay, counteracting poison oak and bug bites, and in medicine as a cure for acidosis. It’s also great for cleaning, us too!

In baking, it reacts with acids to release CO2, hence the rising properties.

2 Responses to “EcoFacts: Our Own Ecosystem”

  1. Christopher

    Lemons are not alkaline, they are highly acidic. Also, anyone with remotely healthy kidneys and lungs tightly regulates pH so that the contents of one’s diet doesn’t significantly affect the plasma pH, regardless of the “processed” or unprocessed nature of the food consumed.

    Either do research or don’t write about things you are not proficient in. Giving health advice without a medical background is downright dangerous.

  2. Barbara

    Hello Christopher, I would always want to know if an ecofact contains something given as a fact, proven false.
    If you are going to challenge something, please offer some information that supports your belief/cause, e.g. give us a link that shows that lemons – when digested – are acidic rather than alkiline. Or that the other foods mentioned do not have an acidic effect in the body.