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Sound Watch

The Santa Barbara Daily Sound, which celebrated six years of publishing earlier this March, will reportedly suspend their print offerings today. An email from their founder and publisher, Jeramy Gordon, noted that the paper, “had ceased publishing as of this week due to cash flow problems.”

On the Santa Barbara Daily Sound website, Gordon wrote… “Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Daily Sound and Montecito Messenger will temporarily halt their print versions. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the best news possible on both our websites and will have this situation resolved quickly. Our print products will return soon with a vibrant redesign and relaunch. We appreciate your patience.”

16 Responses to “Sound Watch”

  1. Anonymous

    Joshua Molina is now conspicuously absent, along with his new little rip-off column about local blogs, and now Jeramy has yet another dispute with another creditor. Did the printer finally cut him off? No one was helped by the News-Press mess more than he was, way back when, and instead of developing a real, credible paper to serve the community, he joined forces with the Distenfields and the Chamber, and started running a lousy tabloid. And never learned how to work and play with others. Such wasted potential.

  2. No surprise here, just bad management, lack of experience and bad model. Print publications are on their way out.

  3. Anonymous

    The only surprise is that they stuck around this long. Kudos.

  4. el_smurfo

    If their main story was ever “Kim’s Wedding SHUT DOWN” as this image suggests, the Sound was even lamer than its critics contend. Never bothered to pick one up as the Independent is all the comedy gold I can handle in one week.

  5. Anonymous

    And congratulations to the Distenfelds on another successful venture!

    • el_smurfo

      It’s sad…a once useful service now turned into a community of tattletale nannies. Now that they can fullfill their original purpose (with the fire at Patterson in progress), they seem to have crashed from the server load of people trying to get information. If I paid for that, I would want a refund.

      • el_smurfo

        BTW, good suggestion for the View. A lightly moderated forum for breaking citizen news. Sending a Scoop to “editor” who probably has a day job to worry about isn’t going to work out for fast moving stories like a fire.

  6. Poorly written and non-edited, it won’t be missed except maybe for the comic value it provided to this occasional reader. How many publications have a self-described “editor” who doesn’t know the difference between “their” and “there?”

  7. Kimz Twinz

    Hey, they went for the frontal boob shot on their last day. How touching.

  8. ViewingSB

    AXman think the edhat gang has jumped the shark on that one, slander one publicly and give a map to the persons home lovely.

      • It is gone; I missed it – what was it about?

        • An EdHat reader accused their neighbor of drunken driving because the neighbor had driven home on a flat tire. The “news article” included pictures of the neighbor’s car and a map to their house.

  9. Anonymous

    Jeramy is a terrible business owner and did absolutely nothing while the papers were falling apart. I feel bad for the advertisers who need to be paid back…