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Six Years of the Santa Barbara Daily Sound

Believe it or not, March 23rd marks the six-year anniversary of the Santa Barbara Daily Sound. Their launch narrowly preceded the meltdown at the Santa Barbara News-Press, but it also coincided with the decline of newspapers across the county.

Tabloid View

Over the years, the publication started and stopped home delivery. The Sound lost its two best columnists, Cheri Rae and Loretta Redd, to Santa Barbara View. They survived divisive guest columnist Gina Perry, who inappropriately wrote about putting a bounty on a sitting President. More recent speed bumps have included a move to tabloid-style format and a redesign of their once-active website; but, the publication has persevered. The Daily Sound has helped break important stories like the Employee Mortgage Loan Assistance Program, they’ve expanded into Montecito and today, the publication is still printing five days a week in Santa Barbara.

Happy sixth birthday to the Santa Barbara Daily Sound.

3 Responses to “Six Years of the Santa Barbara Daily Sound”

  1. “Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours.”
    Mark Twain

  2. Anonymous

    It seems a shame that after six years the agenda of the Sound has strayed from that of a community weekly and become empty and overflowing with advertorials.

  3. Anonymous

    Surprised it has lasted. What the bankroll relationship with the Distenfelds?