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GONE Again

Dan Seibert’s feature of a Funk Zone artist, who goes by the name of GONE, ignited the discussion of muraling and art vs. graffiti and litter. Well, GONE has struck again… “I noticed a car door leaning up against a telephone pole and I thought it must have been some accident,” writes Dan. “But I looked closer and saw it was painted, and this one was signed by G*NE 2013. I took some photos and then moved it off of the sidewalk and leaned it against a tree. It’s quite heavy but it’s there for the taking.”


4 Responses to “GONE Again”

  1. Anonymous

    A dump run would have cost $15 so throw it on a busy intersection and call it art.

  2. Anonymous

    Art? No, it’s just junk left out on the street in a ratty-wompus fashion. littering. Guy should be fined. I mean, c’mon. Scrap metal guys would have loved it. A dead bicycle parked there wouldn’t be art would it? Maybe Gone will run one up a flagpole and call it art. I’d be gone too if I left that junk out!

    • Dan Seibert

      You might be right, but I’m holding a 8 by 10 inch painting on the off chance he might be another Jean-Michel Basquiat.