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Gone Patrol

One of the most exciting shows on television is in jeopardy. The City of Santa Barbara pulled “On Patrol with the Santa Barbara Police Department,” because the producers of the show, Ira and Linda Distenfield, purportedly owed the City money. Countering that claim, the Distenfields just filed a $1.2 million claim against the City… specifically the Santa Barbara Police Department, which has provided plenty of drama over the last year.

8 Responses to “Gone Patrol”

  1. el_smurfo

    If you lie down with dogs, you’ll rise with fleas. Why anyone would go into business with these folks is beyond me. Boycott Boy’s keyboard must be melting down at this instant.

  2. Anonymous

    How about an investgstive report into the PR Store, or is it now Marketing Etc. or is is back to discount legal services? Ever seen someone buying overpriced swag in their store? Me neither!

  3. Anonymous

    Beginning to feel a little bit for Mr. Sanchez. Tough job :-(

  4. Marketing specialists? Try SELF-promotion specialists! I know gypsies who have changed their personas fewer times than those two.

  5. DingleJingle

    Hey, no lawyers, save money ……… yeah, got that one right.

  6. I watched On Patrol a few times. Then I started watching Southland. I get it the latter is a TNT drama, and amped to get eyeballs. But if one looks at Southland as a sort of typical day in LAPD, where gangs have more ammunition and numbers than the police, and then watches 30 minutes of On Patrol, it’s a snoozefest, and SBPD starts looking awfully pampered in comparison. LAPD gets attacked by the 8th St locos en masse in a Southland episode, where the homies KILL a gang officer, under a hovering helicopter, over his partner’s screams. SBPD gets calls for an open container in a vehicle. Snore…not that I am suggesting SBPD start amping up crime here to get ratings, but it’s clear Santa Barbara’s police dept isn’t going to be a money-making eyeball-generator in comparison. The Distenfields need to just go.

  7. Ethic Concerns

    The Distinfield’s owe a lot of money. They have a history of unethical behavior. The city should not be working with these people. Frankly, it doesn’t help the police department to be connected, even indirectly, with these unethical practices. The police already have bad PR problems.

  8. Anonymous

    The City failed to do due diligence when getting into business with this couple. A simple Google search reveals so many red flags, including bankruptcy and a 5-day jailing for contempt of court. Then there’s the very cozy relationship between the Distenfields and Jeramy Gordon, the publisher of the Daily Sound, who sponsors their shows and even appears in their tv ads and places their ads on the front page of his paper. The City should show better judgement than dealing with characters like this.