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Haskell’s Beach: Bacara Resort

Series on Santa Barbara County beaches by John McKinney, the TrailMaster.

For decades, Haskell’s was a locals-only beach, a secret surf spot, a strand located off the Santa Barbara tourist track and far from its many restaurants and hotels. Enter the Bacara Resort and Spa, widely and globally advertised, and now the beach is fast becoming an international attraction. While the Spanish-revival style resort is stunning, the beach below the Bacara does not overwhelm the visitor with its great beauty. However, at low tide you can walk to more picturesque locales, both up-coast and down.

Facilities: Restrooms, drinking fountain, rarely opened snack bar.

Cost: none.

GPS Coordinates: N 34 25 982

W 119 54 961

Directions: From Highway 101 northbound, some 12 miles upcoast from downtown Santa Barbara, take the Glenn Annie Road/Storke Road exit. Turn left on Storke Road and drive to the first intersection. Turn right on Hollister Avenue and proceed 2 miles. Veer left toward the entrance of the Sandpiper Golf Course onto the Bacara Resort access road and proceed 0.5 mile. Several hundred yards short of the main resort complex, turn left at the public beach access sign and into the public parking area above the beach. A wide path leads to the beach.

8 Responses to “Haskell’s Beach: Bacara Resort”

  1. Average Joe

    Awesome Critical Habitat for snowy plovers!

  2. el_smurfo

    Snowy Plovers, the succulent marshmallows of the bird world. Nothing I like better on a nice Summer Sunday walk then gettin hassled by some overweight chick with a clipboard. Only in SB…

  3. peter

    The Bacara does not belong there. It is a poorly constructed eyesore that is rapidly deteriorating. Visitors to the Bacara are looked at as invaders by the locals.

  4. Average Joe

    Yet again, the Smurfster does not let facts get in the way of his Tea Party doctrine, with bonus points for disparaging comments about “overweight chick with a clipboard.” Losing the arguments hurts, don’t it?

    Nice one, yet again.

    • not going to respond to..

      Hi David did the fat chicks comment bother you?

      • el_smurfo

        I regretted using the term, but it is, in fact, accurate in my every observation. There does seem to be a correlation between certain personality types and the need to control the behavior of others.

        • el_smurfo

          BTW, I don’t think Joe is DP…too much ego for anonymity and that particular attitude is fairly prevalent anyways. Progressive hypocrites are a dime a dozen in SB.

        • local (with small "l")

          I am glad to read you “regretted” using the adjective. Too often dialogue degenerates into name-calling so that whatever ideas may have been there are lost; they cease to become worth reading. Although I relatively rarely agree with you, your posts don’t usually wallow in the name-calling gutter that is such a feature on edhat.

          As for “personality types and the need to control”, could be – I am not an authority on personalities but it has got me to thinking; thanks. (And a thought is that it doesn’t have to do with weight, although the heavier are more evident….) But back to plovers: it would be nice if all were respectful of nests, eggs, chicks, but all are not and to protect, there needs to be reminders.