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It’s Officially High Fire Season in Santa Barbara

Tea Fire Image

The official start of high fire season in Santa Barbara begins today at 8 am. The start of fire season means that Santa Barbara County Fire Department and all other local agencies will be increasing the number of resources, including more crews available, more engines, dozers, helicopters and planes. All burn permits for hazard reduction will also  be suspended. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department says it is important for everyone who lives, works and plays in Santa Barbara County to be extra vigilant about fire safety this season. It is important to maintain clearance vegetation around homes and buildings and be familiar with wildfire action plans. For more information about how to prepare for high fire season, please visit

2 Responses to “It’s Officially High Fire Season in Santa Barbara”

  1. Smokey Sez; Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

    This article needs to be presented with pulsating, blinking, high energy visuals to ensure everyone “gets it”. Now and ASAP. And to think about all activities now conducted outdoors with vivid examples of innocent human carelessness that started the past several devastating fires. Human error was far more of a problem than a pyromanic because of local lack of respect for “HIGH FIRE SEASON”. SMOKEY SEZ: ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!

  2. Anonymous

    Just saw a palm tree on fIre near REI, please be careful !