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KCOY Slashes Local News Department

2012 will see major changes in the local media landscape and the first bombshell was dropped in  Santa Maria today where KCOY jettisoned its news department. Over a dozen employees, including popular weatherman Jim Byrne, have been laid off. In an effort to save money, Cowles California Media Company, the owner of KCOY, will reportedly consolidate Central Coast news in Salinas, California. “The television markets have lost millions of dollars over the last several years,” KCOY general manager Kevin Harlan said. “We are a business and we have to address this.”

5 Responses to “KCOY Slashes Local News Department”

  1. Anonymous

    Very sad and here’s hoping Jim lands on his feet/ he is a good guy. The others too.

  2. Very sad, indeed. I’ve preferred KCOY news over that of KEYT’s.

  3. el_smurfo

    I imagine it will start sounding like many of our piped in “local” radio stations do…Ca-briLLo, Ca-riLLo, LomPock and GoLETa.

  4. SB Seashells

    Whoa! I had no idea tv news was in trouble. Makes sense I guess as the milleaneals dont watch newscasts or read papers.

  5. That is horrible.. let me take over. Forcast: sunny again