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La Casa De La Raza Demands Immediate Retraction Of Articles Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press

The board and staff members of La Casa de la Raza, the Cesar E. Chavez Center, demand that the Santa Barbara News-Press retract its front‐page story, which appeared March 25, 2012.

Put succinctly: a) La Casa de la Raza is not being sold or auctioned; b) La Casa has not lost its nonprofit status; and c) La Casa and its attorneys have been working closely with Santa Barbara County officials long before both articles appeared in print.

La Casa continues to work closely with the county to address the issue of property taxes. As we’ve explained in the past, we are in the midst of reconciling a complex property tax assessment issue. Unlike what was reported, we are not evading our tax responsibility. It is evident, however, that the inaccurate reporting by both the News-Press and SB Latino actually accuse us of being tax evaders. It is also evident that there was a failure, prior to publication, to even attempt verification of the facts and conduct their due diligence.

• We find it unconscionable that the News-Press would publish a month-old story and not verify its accuracy;

• The information contained therein is entirely inaccurate as it appears to be a mere reprint of a transcribed and outdated story. Individuals quoted in the paper were NOT interviewed for the March 25 story and therefore it is entirely inaccurate;

• The News‐Press method of “news reporting” is at its core duplicitous and in this case intentionally injurious. It seeks to lead the reader to believe that what is printed is in fact researched.

Consequently, we call upon the public when seeking information about our current programs, activities and events to not rely on these publication nor their sources.

12 Responses to “La Casa De La Raza Demands Immediate Retraction Of Articles Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press”

  1. Anonymous

    More of the same from the News-Depress that’s taken to making up and embellishing stories beyond belief or reason. Why anyone spends a minute reading it or supports it with even a penny of advertising is beyond me. Thomas A. Storke must be spinning in his grave.

  2. el_smurfo

    Methinks both sides doth “protesta demasiado”. When these two groups are involved, there are no winners in SB.

  3. Stuff it, El smurfo. The N-P has ben o the wrong side of thing for a long time. You have no idea what La Casa means to this community. You should check it out ad find out what “smurfo” really means in Spanish. It’s not nice.

    • Anonymous

      Smurf is right on this one. We all appreciate Casa de la Raza but they haven’t been the best stewards.

  4. Best of luck

    La Casa de la Raza won’t get very far with its demand for a retraction. Wendy McCaw doesn’t care, and her willingness to spend millions on attorney fees has effectively silenced those who might otherwise take her to court.

  5. This was an especially egregious bit of ‘reporting’ on the part of the NewsPress. They had run the story a month ago, in their spin-off Latino magazine. The reporter got about 70% of that story wrong. They ran this same version in English Sunday, a month later, from this same reporter, and it was STILL 70% or more wrong. This time they framed it like the county was putting Casa on the auction block this week, which turned out to not be true at all! Perhaps most upsetting – this whole PR black eye for Casa De La Raza has been engineered by two individuals armed with nothing other than personal grudges. The press is just swallowing it whole, spitting it out at the public, fanning the flames, and being completely irresponsible.

  6. Bill Carson

    So, just because you hate the News-Press, then the story is all wrong? C’mon. Casa has been completely mismanaged and owes back-taxes. Why should the News-Press become the scapegoat when the Casa is the one in arrears on taxes? How far will some people bend over backwards to (1) hate the N-P, or (2) become co-dependent for the Raza?

  7. Bill, there’s two distinct issues here, and one doesn’t excuse the other. The Casa story is old, and keeps getting trotted out, even though Casa is successfully dealing with the problem, has raised the funds to pay the taxes, and won’t be on the county auction chopping block. But NONE of that info was included in the NewsPress story. It was an English translation of a Spanish-language story that ran A MONTH AGO. All the inaccuracies of that story had not been corrected in the English run. So why is the NewsPress trotting out month-old stories and pretending it’s ‘news’? That’s the egregious part.

  8. SBBeachcomber

    I wouldn’t worry about it if I were them. Does anyone even read the News-Press any more?
    They’ll draw more negative attraction by demanding a retraction than if they said nothing and just let the NP story die.

  9. el_smurfo

    It seems less like they are dealing with the problem and more like they are going after those trying to reveal it. They haven’t “raised the funds”, they got a temporary loan from a deep pocketed supporter. They haven’t retained their non-profit status, the state of California suspended it. The only problem with the News Press story is it’s as sloppy as La Casa’s accounting.

  10. Confused

    How or why should we believe anything in the Newspress if they randomly get stuff so wrong?

    Credibility and integrity matter.