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Name the Santa Barbara Airport Terminal

Remaining portion of old terminal.

As relocation and refurbishment of the historic Santa Barbara airport terminal nears completion, the Santa Barbara airport will be looking for a name. The old tower will be integrated with the shiny new terminal, bringing together yesterday and tomorrow.

Local historian Erin Graffy de Garcia has made a compelling argument to name the new airport terminal for the late mayor and Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge John T. Rickard, who worked tirelessly to bring our community a commercial airport. The Santa Barbara County Bar Association has urged the City to adopt John Rickard’s name as well.

Some claim that airport terminal is already named for Earle L. Ovingtonany. Others have offered up the legendary names of Dwight Murphy, Tom Storke, and Pearl Chase.

What’s Your View… help name the Santa Barbara airport:

14 Responses to “Name the Santa Barbara Airport Terminal”

    • Goleta Jim

      Classic smufo. Goleta always gets treated like SBs step child.

  1. Only the terminal is being named, as is customary. Currently it is known as the “new terminal” so it isn’t really being re-named.

    Having said that, I say John T Rickard seems to be a fitting choice.

  2. Anonymous

    Sell the naming rights to the highest corporate bidder. A lot of cities via arenas and venues make millions a year from companies like Staples and Qualcomm. Why not cash in on the airport? Kinkos or Deckers would be perfect!

  3. Anonymous

    Guess Reagan is taken maybe Fes Parker or Davey Crockett

  4. If it is just the terminal building that’s being named (and I hope so – “Santa Barbara” is a good name for the airport itself – then keep the original name. The building has been rebuilt and enlarged – it’s still the airport terminal. I think the present name is Earle L. Ovington, honoring an early aviator and Santa Barbara resident. Good to have him, someone who actually did some flying, honored rather than a local politician, whatever his qualities. (Getting a commercial airport would have happened anyway.)

  5. William Munny

    The William Munny Brand New Historical International Airport Terminal

  6. Why confuse everybody? It is the Santa Barbara Airport and the Santa Barbara Airport terminal.

  7. ViewingSB

    Nice to see some local reporting getting this right, renaming the terminal is not renaming the airport contrary to what KEYT has hyped on this.

  8. Anonymous

    Let’s get modern relevant and sexy: Kathy Ireland terminal!

  9. Santa Barbara Terminal. Rickard is too unworthy compared everything else that has made Santa Barbara a destination of merit. Pearl Chase Terminal would be a far better reason to commemorate coming to Santa Barbara. Or Franceschi Terminal if we really want to memorialize someone who made Santa Barbara entirely unique.

  10. Bar None

    Rickard was a bit of a judicial scoundrel, wasn’t he? Need to delve into his entire judicial record before throwing away a honor for some self-serving land deal.