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No New Offshore Oil Drilling!

The case against new offshore oil drilling in Santa Barbara gets easier to make… another offshore petroleum platform exploded and is on fire in the Gulf of Mexico.

it’s time to halt all proposals to allow more oil drilling off our coasts—permanently.

And, the “environmental leaders” who gathered in April of this year to promote a revised PXP deal that would allow new offshore oil drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara County in exchange for a handful of financial concessions from a Texas oil company should hold a similar press conference to issue a public apology.

6 Responses to “No New Offshore Oil Drilling!”

  1. Then you have to let them drill onshore. Look, only 18% of the oil coming from the wells ends up in our gas tanks. Almost everything we use, wear, stand on and even fertilizers for food we eat are by-products of the oil Industry. In Santa Barbara the tar on the beaches and the big giant black rocks in Carpinteria are part of a natural process and as the BP spill demonstrated there are organisms that have evolved to metabolize the oil. Most of the early roads were paved by melting the asphalt rocks there. If you scuba dive off Coal Oil Point off Isla Vista etc. you can watch the oil bubble out of the sand. It sounds so brave and enlightened to say no more drilling… we could all just ride bikes except they need to be lubricated, painted and parts made from … oil.

  2. pedronava

    The explosion in the Gulf is another reminder why I fought against the PXP proposal to drill off the Santa Barbara coast. California hasn’t allowed any new drilling in state waters since the Santa Barbara spill. Our coastal economy (tourism, fishing, etc) relies on a clean coastline. No matter what the oil companies say, there will always be accidents, spills and problems and no matter how high-tech the clean up equipment, it always ends up with people in haz mat suits with buckets and straw.

  3. Thanks Pedro… you were right all along and it’s nice to see you on the Santa Barbara View!

  4. el_smurfo

    …and no matter how often politicians promise to create a “green economy” from thin air, there is a current and future need for energy based on petroleum. we can put the fate of our economy in the hands of friendly states such as venezuela and saudi arabia or we can use our own technological superiority to make oil extraction here safe and dependable while alternative energy sources are developed in spite of governmental meddling.

    p.s. i just bought a heating system for my home…the price was almost exactly $1500 more than the heater I had installed in a previous home 3 years ago…the exact amount of our “green stimulus” rebate. a nice handout that does little to either stimulate anything or reward the intended recipient.

  5. pedronava

    There is more to the Green Economy than “thin air”. It takes investment, dedication and a commitment to a better future. People all over this state are working hard to move us toward sustainable, renewable energy and we should celebrate them. I am the Chair of california’s Green Economy Select Committee and am working to get Californian’s working. Take a look:

  6. el_smurfo

    Perhaps the channel should be filled with safe, clean and sustainable wind turbines and wave generators? I’m sure we’ll have no NIMBY reaction to that proposal either. Without putting modern nuclear generators on the table, you will never be able to build enough wind farms and solar sites to wean “Californian’s” of their addiction to foreign oil.