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NRA: Stop Calling Elliot Rodger a “Shooter”

4 Responses to “NRA: Stop Calling Elliot Rodger a “Shooter””

  1. Lunatics

    Perhaps it’s inconvenient for the NRA, but Rodger was a shooter. They don’t like that word. They would like to equate cars and knives with guns. Why not throw in credit cards (cut your throat), pencils (stab in the ear = death), sticks (stabbing), rocks (blunt force trauma), wire (strangling), rags (suffocation), pillows (ditto), baseball bats, pipes, pens, buildings (can throw someone off), tools (drill holes, saws, etc.) and on and on?

    Watering down the effect of guns with this nonsense is why people are coming for the NRA and supporters, they’re jerking us around with this bs. The simpleton in the video is trying to justify his gun usage, which he doesn’t have to. Maybe the NRA should use their heads for something besides a hat rack.

  2. Anonymous

    Why have a speed limit? A car going 5 mph can kill like a car going 65 mph so we don’t need a speed limit using NRA logic. Why have restrictions on pharma drugs? Drinking gasoline can also kill you we don’t outlaw gas do we? So why regulate guns? Mainly to keep them out of the hands of morons like the guy in the video and like Rodger.

    I can hear this guy now telling the Sandyhook kids all about it: Kids the gun wasn’t the problem here it was that weird guy with the gun. Guns are good, kids. Yes some people get killed by them because it’s way easier to kill with a gun, but that’s the price for your freedoms! The freedom to be hosed down like a dog by any nut job who can move his finger a little bit. Yes little Jonny blew his brothers head off but it could have been anything! Could have been a hot air dryer or a drill bit left lying around!


  3. Anonymous

    I’m okay with referring to that lunatic as a shooter.

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s time to stop calling him anything and let this story rest along with the victims. The media won’t let this go. Even the Isla Vista residents have begged the media to let it go and go away.