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One Thousand Steps Beach

Series on Santa Barbara County beaches by John McKinney the TrailMaster.

A long stairwell, but nowhere near a thousand steps, leads from Santa Barbara’s Mesa neighborhood to the beach located just up-coast from Shoreline Park. The venerable steps, built in 1923 and overhauled in the 1990s, lead to a narrow sand and cobble beach, best enjoyed at low tide when some intriguing tide pools are revealed.
One Thousand StepsOne Thousand Steps Beach
Facilities: none

Cost: none

Information: 805-897-2680

Directions: From Stearns Wharf at the end of State Street, head west (upcoast) along Cabrillo Boulevard, which soon becomes Shoreline Drive and meanders past Shoreline Park. Park in the farthest west lot for Shoreline Park or continue until you reach Santa Cruz Boulevard, which is not a boulevard at all but a tiny residential street. Park along Shoreline Drive. One Thousand Steps is located at the coastal end of Santa Cruz Boulevard.