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Yes on Measure S Group Purportedly Found in Violation of Campaign Law


It is never too late to expose illegal activity. In my opinion, Lori Gaskin & Co., have brought our city chaos! Is this who should be leading SBCC? Do we really want donation sources kept secret? Is this the what SBCC’s administration has come to?

Read and decide for yourselves. Ernie Salomon

Attached to this message (below) is a letter dated OCTOBER 30, 2014, sent to the Yes on Measure S campaign by the California Fair Political Campaign Practices Committee finding that the Yes on S campaign has violated the California FPPC law by “failing to properly identify your committee…as being majorly funded by the committee’s largest contributor…” As noted in the letter the FPPC law requires any funder of a campaign who contributes more than $50,000 to it to be disclosed in advertising. The Yes on S Committee has not done this in any of its advertising to date.

This matter was brought to the attention of the FPPC by the No On S campaign which noted that the Yes on S campaign has a war chest of nearly $400,000 from a few sources, none of which were disclosed to the public.
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UC Santa Barbara Says No to Measure S

Capture51We at the Nexus fully support education and recognize the vital function community colleges play in helping local students move on to four-year colleges or receive vocational training. However, Measure S does not address those concerns. Measure S, which asks for a $288 million bond for facility improvements, is claiming that SBCC is in dire need of “modernization and upgrades to meet 21st-century standards.” However, in 2008 SBCC passed Measure V, a bond of $77.2 million that was similarly supposed to go to upgrading instructional facilities and classrooms, but resulted in the creation of a press box at La Playa Stadium, an upgrade not mentioned in the 2008 measure. Measure S aims to improve infrastructure and address circulation, transit, parking and student housing in order to handle its increase of students to the detriment of local Santa Barbara residents who will have less housing availability and will have to pay more property taxes if the measure is passed. Measure S aims to make state-of-the-art buildings when its purpose should be to serve local students, not attract an already growing number of non-local students coming to Santa Barbara as a tourist destination.

However, we also recognize that at such a low cost to homeowners (near $15 per $100,000 assessed value per home per year), this bond is not utterly unreasonable. Furthermore, because SBCC will have to remove its portable classrooms as the result of a decision by the Coastal Commission, they will need money in the near future to replace these classrooms with permanent fixtures. We could go on about a list of improvements and upgrades that SBCC needs, and we are not denying that they need them, but we are skeptical as to how these projects will benefit the students and the community. We are merely asking that SBCC make a more concrete plan as to what it will be doing with taxpayer money before we can support their quest to get it.

10 Reasons to Vote Yes on Measure P

Opinion by Katie Davis

1. You don’t want to be surrounded by 10,000 new oil wells emitting toxic chemicals. The oil industry has made it clear that they want so many new wells that they will turn Santa Barbara County into a Bakersfield-like nightmare. Almost 1,000 have already been applied for and thousands more are coming if Measure P fails.

2. You are concerned about fracking and other new and riskier oil extraction. This is not your granddaddy’s oil. New forms of fracking, acidizing and steam injection unquestionably present new and very serious risks to the public. Measure P only bans these techniques that fracture, dissolve and melt underground formations under intense heat and high pressure. It does not apply to any current oil wells or conventional production used in the majority of wells today.

3. You believe the scientific consensus about climate change. This is some of the heaviest, most polluting oil in the world and would double greenhouse gas emissions in the county. Santa Barbara County should be lowering emissions and building the clean energy economy of the future instead.

4. You don’t want to run out of water. These techniques use and permanently pollute millions of gallons of water. According to State Senator Pavley’s office, in 2013, enhanced oil recovery operations used more than 80 billion gallons of water in California. We shouldn’t permanently pollute our precious water by oil production ever – much less in the middle of a record drought.

5. You would like to be able to drink from the tap. These wells would be drilled through our drinking water aquifers and near creeks and rivers that flow to our lakes and reservoirs. Spills are inevitable. ERG had 24 violations, including 6 spills in their first year of operation. As extreme extraction ramps up, so do spills and risk of catastrophic impacts. Below-ground fractures and leaks or above ground spills could contaminate the water supply. Once your water is polluted, it is gone forever.
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Ecofacts: Down to Earth

Weekly column by Barbara Hirsch

rain-grondThis morning I was wishing for rain here in Southern Cal. and thinking about concrete…. I suddenly realized, this is not an oxymoron!  The connection is ground.

I heard the depressing news the other day, that China has poured more concrete in the last 6 years than we in the U.S. have in 300. That is one hell of a lot of concrete, whose emissions are as much as 10% of global CO2. –  there is the mining and trucking of ingredients, the firing up of the kiln that cooks the limestone into the cement that binds the concrete (2700 degrees), then the mixing, the carrying of the weighty stuff, etc.. The rest of that story was how scientists were working on greener cement by making it stronger, with less energy intensive ingredients. Not much glory in researching cement, until your work impacts the global environment, that is!
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Saturdays with Seibert

Local Views of Santa Barbara by Dan Seibert

I didn’t check my mailbox for the past week and when I did today it was full of campaign flyers. What a waste of money, paper, time and effort. The people running these campaigns should just stop, it all went into recycling.

Three pieces for Lois Capps.

Two pieces against Prop 45.

One in support of Measure S.

Four No on P flyers.

One from the Democratic Party telling me how to vote.

As usual I voted as in independent, across party lines and against party recommendations. Thank goodness by Wednesday morning it will be over.


The Haunted Santa Barbara Mission

Did you know, the Santa Barbara Mission is listed in The International Directory of Haunted Places?

Ghosts have purportedly been seen walking around the old graveyard connected to this Mission and over 5,000 pioneers and Indians are buried there. Visitors have reportedly felt the presence of unseen people around them when visiting the gardens on the mission grounds. It is an overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by multitudes of departed souls. Others have heard the Mission bells in the tower tolling in the night when nobody is around. Some say the bell tower has a mystical glow when the moonlight shines upon it. It’s said that a dark shadowy figure lurks high in the left tower at early dawn or late at dusk. Locals believe it is the ghost of Don Antonio who threw himself off the tower over a love affair with a younger woman, described in the video below.

It’s Getting Dark Out There. Let’s Have Some Fun!

Milpas On the Move: By Sharon Byrne

Continuing on with my favorite season, Autumn, there are some great things going on in the community. You can certainly participate without having to live or work in the Milpas area. We take all comers and welcome you as honorary Milpaserenos!
Check these out:
Light Up The Night – Illuminado de Noche – Milpas

We’re heading into the darkest time of the year, when days are short and nights are long. If you’re a bicyclist on the street after 5 PM, you’ll be biking in the dark. On unlighted streets like Gutierrez, that’s super dangerous unless you’re lit up like a power plant. So Bici Centro, a wonderful Eastside neighbor, is giving out lights and safety manuals to low-income cyclists in the area to make them more visible at night time. It’s free, and geared for Spanish speakers. They’re looking for volunteers. Speaking Spanish is not necessary, as they’ve got solid bilingual team leads.

The program runs 5 nights:
Milpas – Nov 3rd
Carpinteria- Nov 4th
Old Town Goleta Nov 5th
Westside- Nov 6th
Milpas Nov- 7th
For more info, go to

Day of the Dead – November 2nd:
1. Casa de la Guerra – 11 AM – 4 PM – Benefit for Adelente Charter School
2. Casa de la Raza. 5-10 PM.

One of the best things about America as a nation of immigrants is the importation of culture that broadens us, and expands our possibilities as a nation. The melting pot has its sweet spots, certainly. It’s also the American way to innovate and re-invent traditions from the Old Country (whichever one yours happens to be). When my parents grew up long ago in the north of England, All Hallows’ Eve was decidedly not fun. It has a history in the British Isles as the night when evil spirits walk the earth. Better lock up your farm animals and bar the door. In contrast, we Americans dress up little children as the things that go bump in the night, and send them out to get treats. Make fun of what scares you, and play with the dark side, rather than fear it. Brilliant.

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, my all-time favorite holiday imported from Mexico, has a similar connotation. Don’t think zombies and graveyards. Day of the Dead is a day to get out pictures and keepsakes of relatives that have passed, put them on an altar, inviting them to be part of the family again, celebrating them with family and friends. Death is presented not as something sad, or to be feared, but to be embraced, as a part of life.

Adelente Charter School’s celebration of Dia de los Muertos at la Casa de la Guerra downtown features food, music, art and dance. I’ve seen some of the children’s art going into the event, produced by the Incredible Children’s Art Network, and it’s gorgeous. This is a fundraiser for the school, and should be a lot of fun for families.

The evening celebration at la Casa de la Raza is a stunning array of community, light, and life. The altars the Casa staff puts together are breathtakingly beautiful. It’s one of their best events, and before you ask, no you don’t need to speak Spanish or bring your passport for admission. Their doors are open to all, as a Mexican cultural heritage organization, and they want you to come in. Really. They are very warm and welcoming.

If that isn’t enough, let me further tempt you: they have great food at the event, and a bustling Mercado where you can get all kinds of cool Day of the Dead items.

There’s something very warm, comforting and healing in this particular holiday. I hope you’ll come out and enjoy this experience for yourself.

Halloween on Milpas

milpasAs Sharon Byrne has pointed out, Milpas is the place to be for Halloween.

The Milpas Halloween Trick or Treat: 2-5 PM on Halloween. Send your trick-or-treaters, because we do it up on Milpas! The merchants love giving out candy, Alpha Thrift puts up great decorations, and the crew from the Don’s Riders at Santa Barbara High School love taking over the lot next to Super Rica to greet the little Halloweeners on the route. We need volunteers to blow up balloons and place them along the route, and also to help families across the crosswalks, so if you’re interested, email

The Milpas Halloween Trick or Treat festivities run from 2-5 p.m. tomorrow. The merchants will be giving out candy and the crew from the Don’s Riders at Santa Barbara High School will be taking over the lot next to Super Rica to greet the little Halloweeners on the route. Also tomorrow, the  East Beach Batting Cages are offering unlimited swings for $5 all day. Live music, unlimited batting, arts & crafts, games and more. All for $5! So get on down to Milpas tomorrow.

Rob Lowe Commercials Cross the Line

To the Editor:

I’ve seen more than enough of the new Rob Lowe ads running ad nauseam during the World Series and football games where they make fun of others who are not as attractive or self-assured as he is.

At first I thought this whole campaign might be kind of fun, since he appears as his suave, wealthy and sophisticated self, in contrast to others who are not as wonderful as he. The super-creepy voyeur and the less attractive guy with a pot belly, a comb-over and no friends are jarring, but the depiction of a painfully shy and awkward version of himself crosses the line.

What are these advertisers thinking? Worse yet, what is Rob Lowe thinking? There are plenty of people who are painfully shy, who have real feelings, and who aren’t of any less value than he is.

Guess what??? Not everyone is rich and handsome, nor do they end up that way. From Rob Lowe’s portrayal, they’re just losers to laugh at.

This good-looking guy no longer looks quite so handsome in my eyes. And no way will I ever purchase whatever he is hawking. But I guess when you live in the rarified world of Rob Lowe, imperfect people are just misfits, just objects of ridicule that line his pockets.