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Peter Sklar, Founder of Edhat, Passes Away

Peter Sklar, the pioneer of Santa Barbara’s online media, has passed away. Edhat, the popular community website that he founded, reports that Sklar, 50, passed away yesterday after battling brain cancer for the last 18 months. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Peter is survived by his wife and two kids.

Edhat was started by Peter Sklar in 2003. By 2006, when the Santa Barbara News-Press imploded, our coastal community was getting a lot of their news and information online… and Edhat led the way. There was Craig Smith, Blogabarbara, and the precursor to this site, Santa Barbara’s Blog, which began publishing in 2005.  Since then, dozens of sites have come and gone, but Edhat remained the constant. Peter Sklar was a community and industry pioneer and he will be greatly missed.

8 Responses to “Peter Sklar, Founder of Edhat, Passes Away”

  1. thanks 4 great news, u’ll be missedthanks 4 great news, u’ll be missed

  2. el_smurfo

    Like a lot of early users of the site, I had a lot of disagreement with Peter over the editorial decisions made at Edhat, but no one can deny that the site fills a valuable role here in SB. 50 is too young…

    • Goleta Jim

      Smurf. The Restaurant guy and Craig the blogger both were pulled from Edhat and had disagreements too. Common thread in every tribute. But 50 is too you and it is a great place for quick news. RIP