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Rest in Peace Mike DeGruy

Noting the sad news that local filmmaker and all-around wonderful guy, Mike DeGruy perished in a helicopter crash Friday while working on a project in Australia. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. Take a look at his exuberance for life and his work in a special TED talk about octopus and wildlife film making, video below.

DeGruy was “one of the ocean’s warriors,” said James Cameron. “A man who spoke for the wonders of the sea as a biologist, filmmaker, and submersible pilot, and who spoke against those who would destroy the sea’s web of life. He was a warm, funny, extremely capable man and one of the world’s top underwater cinematographers. His passion for exploration and for the wonders beneath the sea was boundless.”

2 Responses to “Rest in Peace Mike DeGruy”

  1. Perfect to come home to this tribute, after seeing Roger Durling’s tearful one. Thank you.

  2. Mike & Lisa Eldred

    Mike will be missed. We wish the very best to his family—Mike & Lisa