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Rushing Limbaugh Off the Air in Santa Barbara

Cheri Rae’s recent article on Rush Limbaugh has many calling for a local ‘push’. If readers of Santa Barbara View would like to demand that KTMS radio take Rush Limbaugh off the air, they should email station manager Keith Royer at .

9 Responses to “Rushing Limbaugh Off the Air in Santa Barbara”

  1. sbsurfer

    Her column had 8 comments. Not exactly an outpouring of rage on the View, of course, it’s never been a forum of modesty.

  2. el_smurfo

    While I personally think Limbaugh is a large part of the problem in our corrosive false political dichotomy, his is the most popular radio broadcast in the US. Advertiser boycotts and letter to the editor just play right into his schtick and allow his audience to play the victim even when he is obviously wrong. Why does the left always insist on bans, boycotts, etc in all areas of our lives? From the grocery bags we buy to the SUVs we drive to the media we consume and the very air we exhale (CO2 is a “pollutant” ya know?) if your opinion was valid, you should be able to convince your opposition to change their minds and anything else is just elitist nanny censorship.

  3. When the Rush Limbaugh show stops delivering for advertisers the market will tell Rush goodbye or… Huckabee Radio is coming soon and since his show is set to run in the same time slot as Rush and will be a more mainstream type of conservative talk show. Meryl Streep was recently on his TV show and was not confrontational in any way. Rush is on 600 stations and Huckabee will begin in 100 markets but will attract a larger younger and more female audience. A better demographic for advertisers. So if there is a threat to Rush’s show it will be competition from another conservative show. Not from 10 emails to a local radio station.
    Did you feel any outrage when Letterman top 10 Palin list included Number 2: Bought makeup at Bloomingdale’s to update her ‘slutty flight attendant’ look. Here’s the link-
    Hey- Be sure to tune in tonight to watch our First Lady do the Letterman Show… seriously, she’s on the show tonight!

  4. There’s this thing on your radio called a tuning dial….. Seriously
    You’ve been watching television so long you’re starting to think the average white right leaning male isn’t smart enough to have his own opinion. Typical. After reading the posts from the last article about Rush I could tell you don’t even listen to his show. I’d like to go more into detail but I just called for a boycott of tampon commercials.

  5. William Munny

    This “demand” to have the station remove Limbaugh from the air has to rank up there with other genius ideas like the Blue Line we were to have painted on our streets. I have an idea…..change the station and don’t listen to him. I don’t listen to him because the show just isn’t that interesting, he’s been saying the same basic message for years. However, that doesn’t mean I’m about to start telling others they can’t listen to him.

    I wonder what happens when the authors have a bad meal or gets bad service in a restaurant… they call the landlord and demand they evict the tenant? What about neighbors that have political views that are offensive to her? Does they contact the bank or the landlord and demand they evict them? Tolerance of the right for others’ to have different viewpoints from our own is the first step to understanding and working together.

    • tardacus

      yeah, maybe if we all were as tolerant of others viewpoints as rush is the world would be a more obscene,vile,racist,bigoted and vulgar place.

      This all boils down to one thing, is it ever appropriate to call a women a slut and a prostitute if you disagree with her?

      everyone has to decide that for themselves.your answer to that question reflects your true values, morals and character.

      You are what you do.

      while claiming to hold conservative values,rush limbaugh has made it perfectly clear what his true values,morals and character are by what he does.