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Santa Barbara City Council Straw Poll

Even though City Councilman Randy Rowse told the Santa Barbara Independent, “I have zero plans to run in November… I do not have plans to be a politician,” Mr. Rowse will hold a press conference today to launch his campaign.

With Rowse officially in, most expect a clean showdown between three conservative incumbents and three liberal challengers. However, sources have additional candidates ready to declare once the filing period opens in July. But before the City Council race becomes convoluted, how about a straw poll?

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29 Responses to “Santa Barbara City Council Straw Poll”

  1. Anonymous

    Iya is getting a seat – too much money, too many connections – she would be Mayor if not for a signature flub. Deal with it.

    • local (with small "l")

      I don’t think Iya will win. Otoh, she was on the council for the increase in the pensions, the bowing the unions that have brought the city to the financial state it’s in. (As she said, she’s running because “they” are undoing all her work!) And, also importantly: she is within the letter of the law to run, but not at all the spirit: term limits, two terms on the council, was something, is something most of us support.

      Whether or not she would have won the mayoral or, instead, thrown it to Francisco, is but your guess (and mine). Anyone who can’t get 100 certain signatures of registered voters has a problem the rest of us don’t need. …It might be fun to see the mayor and Iya-the-would-be mayor joust but not enough to vote for her. An important question of all the candidates should be will they stay the full four years and not do a Das and run for another office?

  2. Francisco-Self-Rowse

    Poll does not work – can only use one button at a time. My votes: Francisco-Self-Rowse. Editor’s Note: Multiple answers updated and allowed.

  3. Democrat Machine Dead in this Town

    Democrat machine has been exposed. No longer works. We all have seen the damage it did to our city and now soundly reject this extreme Democrat machine agenda. This is the heart and soul of the bloviating Falcone campaign. Falcone was exceptionally ineffective and scored no points while on council. Just the opposite. Deal with it.

    • It has been exposed but they are all safe. Would be better if House and Hotchkiss were up.

    • I get it.. but how exactly is the Republican machine working so far. What have we solved with the Rebuplican agenda counter to the democrat machine? The issues are the same.. neither party has solved them. Just sayin.

  4. Tipper Point

    Terry Tyler has an on point editorial today pointing out only public agencies are still partying as if there was still money in the bank. Yes, SB does need to lead as a model of fiscal probity. The next election is critical – do we live within our means or do we perpetuate fiscal fantasies and keep subsidizing more and more housing for folks with limited income and ensure we quash forever any city economic growth either in disposable income retail sales, property tax increases. Each subsidized housing unit built or converted in this town creates one more permanent Democrat Machine vote, one less property off the tax roles and one more resident with very limited disposable income to spend in our town. Each individual that get a cheap, subsidized roof over their heads for no coherent policy reasons and the town digs itself deeper and deeper into a permanent financial hole as a result. Time to put the brakes on this dead-end housing policy and do some sober financial analysis of all the long-term costs past extreme progressive politics have foisted off on our city. Have they bought so many permanent progressive votes with their give-away policies that it is now too late to even make a difference? We need to know what has been the real price we paid for all these past progressive policies.

  5. Williams

    Tipper Point, have you no compassion? Do you not care about your fellow citizen? You and I both know the housing market locally is extremely inflated. You can’t even begin to own a house in this community unless you have at least $600K. So what you are saying is that only rich stuffy bastards should be allowed to live in Santa Barbara? Everyone knows that the housing market (and to a large extend our economy as a whole) crashed because of deregulation of the banks which allowed them to profit from making bad loans. This is a perfect example of Republican fiscal policies…corruption/profits/greed for the corporations at the expense of everyone else. It is time for the majority of Santa Barbara citizens (democrats) to stand up to this idiotic, ruthless policies of the Republican party both locally and nationally. There is more to life than money. There is family, church, love, and compassion. YES this is what life is about. Not how much some blow hard has to spend in our community. You make me ill. Its not the progressive policies we need to worry about, its the short-sided economy-destroying policies of you and your party that we need to be concerned about. Still think you are in the right? Well let me remind you that Bush inherited a budget surplus, a growing economy, and a limited military and turned it into the largest deficit, largest government budgets, and largest military expenditures in history. Get a clue.

    • speaking of clues and you getting one check the MLS you can get a house (not condo) for under 350k in Santa Barbara area, with even more in the under 450-400k range. I guess the question would be is the reason you had the higher amount is because those neighborhoods are below you?

    • el_smurfo

      and your buddy O has expanded those wars and deficit spending. our local housing policy has nothing to do with national politics and everything to do with “sustainability” and taking more and more housing off the tax base while extending more and more services and benefits is not “sustainable”. compassion has killed our economy and made us a magnet for the refuse of towns how have “gotten a clue”.

  6. Left-out Democrat

    What we really need to look at is the campaign contributions and who owes (owns) who. Iya still has a big war chest leftover from her ill-fated Mayoral race, and her big backers like the Police and Marborg likely want something for their $$$. Schwartz just looks like an opportunist and both of them are just too beholden to Daraka and his machine-like ways. It will be interesting to see how Rowse goes from appointee to candidate, and I hope some Independents get into this race to offer something more. If we go back to 7-0 Party line votes only on Council, and their crazy agenda that has turned this city inside out, Santa Barbara will be lost forever.

  7. Police Officers Assoc clearly knows of another candidate too – good article in sound questioning why they bypased Murillo and Self endorsing only two

  8. Between the lines

    Did you read a different article? They had paragraphs about Self and why she might not be endorsed. Murillo was merely mentioned in passing along with Rowse and Byrne.

  9. Tenterhooks

    Boo hoo — the results button does not show any city council straw poll results. Editor’s Note: The results should show after a vote, or simply click the results link. Apparently, a good connection is needed and we’ll look for a more seamless poll. Francisco leading with Deborah Swartz bringing up the rear by a wide margin.

  10. Anonymous

    I can’t believe Deborah would win this handily. I bet the Dems found out about this poll, and emailed their people to vote. Or the POA did. But it allows you to vote multiple times, so Schwartz could have voted for herself 40 times to boost her numbers. Pritchett was famous for that kind of thing. Sigh. If this is how the election turns out, we’re sunk.

  11. el_smurfo

    Unfortunately this poll allows for multiple votes so is completely worthless except to illustrate how the left works in this town…. Anything goes to protect the stupid taxpayers from themselves.

  12. The Recount

    its amazing took a hour for the votes to change :) Thats how we do it Florida

  13. Dem No More

    Machines know how to stuff ballot boxes, particularly in IV which is Dem Machine Central. You don’t even know if this poll is just for SB voters. Sound like Daraka Larrimore Hall is playing with his keyboard now that he recently got kicked out of his job. No way Schwartz will win because she has to pass public scrutiny in person and her Planning Commission performances all rate a D- minus. She is a loser. Not to worry. But do worry about the Democrat vote generation machine. They can overtake laziness, but not an engaged electorate. This poll should wake up the dead who will also turn out in droves to keep those Dem Machine losers out and keep them out.

  14. Schwartz is a no-nothing nobody who shouldn’t even be on the planning commission, let alone the city council. Didn’t this town learn its lesson voting for the wife of a real congressman? Naomi’s apron strings gave us Salud (ewww, yuck!). Let’s hope SB doesn’t keep repeating the same mistakes. Stay the course….Dale, Frank, Michael and Randy will serve us better than a thousand Debs. What we need now is fiscal common sense. Not Darakara-topia.

  15. NO Democrat Machine Cronies

    Don’t forget who put flunkie Deborah Schwartz on the Planning Commission in the first place as an in your face repudiation of the last election that brought in the new voter approved conservative city council shift: the out-going Marty Blum led city council dropped Schwartz in our faces as a last minute appointment in total defiance. That group included Iya Falcone, Das Williams and Roger Horton. If you put in Deborah Schwartz, you are getting that whole discredited former city council group back in our faces again. Any group that intentionally did this to the Planning Commission with the clear intention of giving Do-Nothing Schwart a leg up on a city council seat, deserved to get a clear rejection message from the voters who are tired of this Democrat machine crony politics that used to get played in this town.

  16. Left-out Democrat

    Not to go all conspiracy theory or anything, but in the City-run election pretty much anything can happen…especially with these hand-picked Machine candidates and the absence of a serious watchdog press. The gang that runs this place does not inspire my trust in a cleanly run election, not from the mailing of the ballots, the actual unmonitored voting over a month-long time period when the politics can enter in to see who is voting or not, and especially the counting itself. I remember some talk about Marty and her cronies checking signatures and making sure that certain ballots were re-checked. No wonder she was crying on election night when Michael Self managed to win anyway.

  17. Anonymous

    Totally agree with left-out-democrat. Schwartz is anointed, by Salud, to pay her Momma Naomi back for anointing him. This is solid-machine-in-action kingmaking. When people see things like this, they get disheartened, because it locks out good candidates from running. I am shocked Santa Barbara does this, and tolerates it. Schwartz falsified two deaths at an intersection targeted for bulbouts on Milpas, that she supported on the Planning Commission. Hotchkiss called her bluff, and the police verified it – there were no pedestrian deaths there that would warrant a bulbout. I worry that these results mirror how the election might actually turn out – the Dem machine is strong. But it’s also dead wrong. Please don’t send us back into the dark ages with Schwartz and Falcone.

    • anonymous

      If she did do that, falsify signatures, then I hope it will be prominently displayed in ads during the election time. She’s a disaster. She moved back to SB after 20 years and promptly applied for the harbor commission, sometimes a feeder to the council, saying she used to go to the beach as a child. Despite Falcone-House, she didn’t get appointed so she applied to the planning commission probably because she liked houses – she had no community planning experience.

      She was appointed a year and a half ago in December, 2009 – thanks to Das and the Dems who kicked off the really good commissioner, Addison Thompson, who received high praise from Bendy White, as he did before he became a councilmember, “The planning commissioners’ planning commissioner”, someone who did his homework and did not have an agenda.

  18. Grinding Gears

    The reason we have a Democrat Machine is because SEIU and other employee union fronts need a place to put their massive campaign cash they use to buy city council members, as well as any other elected officials or school board members who have control over public employee contracts. That is the sum and substance of this Democrat machine and why we got into such a mess. They claim they are for the environment or social programs and toss a few crumbs to keep that cover, but 99% of their focus is on public employee contracts first last and always. They are for affordable housing only because they know every public subsidized housing unit the city builds or controls is one more Democrat machine vote. Please voters, don’t keep doing this to yourself and keep voting for Democrat machine candidates. You know who they are; now you know why.

  19. Throw yourself on the cogs on the Dem Machine

    Santa Barbarans have to stop thinking money raised, ads published and brochures sent means there is “popular” support for that candidate. It represents special interest money with prices to pay later – public employee unions have cash to burn and they are the ones behind this fake “popular” front supporting their favored Democrat machine candidates. If you keep voting for this fake astro-turf candidate marketing like you just did for Das Williams, then there are no ground left for later complaints when you yet again put in tax and spend Democrat frauds and wonder why more and more of your present tax dollars go for more and more lavish employee benefits. Get the connection folks – money spent on local campaigns in these lavish amounts to buy fake publicity does not come from “friends and supporters”, it comes from the union-cash machines hiding behind fake campaign names. Do some homework and follow the money this next time. And look for similar addresses on the multiple fake name fronted organizations. There seems to be one on the Mesa that is looking highly suspect.

    • Anonymous

      Great point. And exactly why the Machine has gone into overdrive trying to discredit the candidates who are more about common-sense than party politics and union rules. Local level issues are really not so partisan, but there’s such a determination to promote the “in crowd” without looking at the interests the serve. Look at the police endorsements, which are really about benefits to the police, rather than promoting safety, otherwise they would have gone to strong public safety supporters Francisco and Self.

  20. Average Joe

    So if I am following correctly in this fact-checked, scientific polling of commentary here, Deborah Schwartz commits voter fraud and private corporate interests never contribute to political campaigns. And watch out for the Democrat(ic) Machine. If the RepubTealic(ans) ever could get organized to have any form of a machine, Rowse and Francisco would embrace it.

  21. Saying it ain't so, Joe

    It ain’t so Joe, there are no big corporate interests in Santa Barbara besides Homeless Inc and the big public employee unions. The rest of the town is mom and pops and people on pensions. Tourism is about the only scattered corporate interest, but not a singular force. Nope Joe, the only big organized money is public employee union money backing Dem Machine candidates, first last and always who send out the piles of glossy brochures and crank up the GOTV machine at the last minute to take over the will of the little people to keep union friendly shills in their always greedy grasp. Breaking the Democrat Extreme Machine will be the people’s work this time because we have now tasted the fine results getting rid of their former hammer-lock on bad policy our city witnessed finally to unavoidable excess these past council years.

  22. Jerry Mander

    Santa Brabara Democrats will have to annex Isla Vista, if they ever want to take over our city again. They failed and they should just to quietly into the night. Bye.