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Santa Barbara has the Highest Gas Prices in California

Just in time for the holiday weekend, gas prices are on the rise in Santa Barbara. In January, Santa Barbara View noted that the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was creeping towards $4.

Well, $4-a-gallon gas prices are here. The price of gas has jumped by 16 cents since last week, according to Fuel Gage Report.

The reports also notes that Santa Barbara has the highest gas prices in all of California.

The trend of rising fuel costs is expected to continue through summer, with $5-gallon-of gas expected.

39 Responses to “Santa Barbara has the Highest Gas Prices in California”

  1. No need to worry, the fed and mr hussein obama are devising a plan to provide a gas program for all those that cannot afford it. no need for the pipeline, right? they will take care of us.

    • Abdullah O'Reilly

      How does the President’s middle name relate to gas prices? You point might persuade people if you left out the snark.

    • If you think building an oil pipeline from Canada will result in lower gas prices, you’re mistaken. Oil is a commodity, traded on world exchanges. No corporation would sell that oil for less than the going rate. The only thing the pipeline would do is enrich the one(‘s) who control the pipeline because they will have first dibbs on the initial offer price and they’ll trade it upwards every hour of everyday. They win you gain nothing.

    • Anonymous

      The name calling shouln’t be allowed but there is some merit to say that unemployement and gas prices are up since President Obama – and please use President out of respect for the office – took over.

    • el_smurfo

      Ha! First time I’ve seen that. Pickings must be slim for them to link to a blog that so consistently bashes them. If it was my place, I’d redirect their incoming traffic to either the aggregator post or the Alexa page showing their sliding unique visitor count.

      • Anonymous

        Keep it classy and work together! Throw in the hawk and SB has a complete paper

      • Anonymous

        Id like to see move view articles on Edhat. Not sure why the policy about no commentary writers exist but they should change it. Starshine and Craig and Cheri used to add a lot to their am newsletter.

      • The redirected link idea is a great one. Come on, let’s do it!

  2. GOOBeGone

    SB is more known for Get Oil Out, so oil companies are happily complying pricing it out of the market. No love lost between oil companies and Santa Barbara. Duh?

  3. China Syndrome

    China as 1.3 billion people and at least 50% of them want a car. Buick’s are preferred in China, not gas sipping SmartCars. You will have to learn to share gas and just about every other commodity with these emerging nations in SEA: India over 1 billion; Indonesia over 1 billion and China as previously mentioned 1.3 billion.

    Add it up, add how much gas and other energy resources they are going to be purchasing and then compare it to the 300 million total customers in the US and do the math.

    Who is going to control the marketplace and who is going to get shut out. Plan accordingly. You have been told what lies ahead in your very near future. If you still think having a gas hog metal behemoth is your God-given right, then pay through the nose accordingly and forego better uses of your limited income. It is only going to get worse. Until it gets better and we switch to clean nuclear power.

  4. Earl Richards

    Google the “Global Oil Scam” by Phil Davis. Purchase electric cars and solar panels.

    • Johnny B Goode

      Sorry Earl, solar and electric cars are foolish unless you are one of the elite in Santa Barbra where you have other cars. The rest of us are not like you. We might like your money but until then we are not like you. We have our one lives to live so you people should live in your cocoon and shut up.

    • Destiny Jane

      Best to move where you can afford to be poor. Don’t pick Santa Barbara, or Montecito for that matter. Tehachapi is far cheaper.

      • Perplexed

        If Santa Barbara looked like Tehachapi, it wouldn’t be Santa Barbara any longer. it would look like Oxnard. is moving to Oxnard the answer?

  5. Our motor scooters get between 70 and 100 miles per gallon, our electric scooters and bikes get lots of smiles per miles.
    I find being a scooter commuter is a pleasure and practical in Santa Barbara!

    • Johnny B Goode

      When you factor in the fact that you can carry little other than yourself the mileage is not that good.

      My hybrid Ford SUV can carry 4 and gear and gets roughly 36mph.

      4 people on each on a scooter that go 100 mph means 4 people went 100 miles on 4 gallons.

      In my vehicle 4 people go 100 miles on little less than 3 gallons. Not so good if you look at it that way. My vehicle is practical yours is a toy.

      • Perplexed

        How often do you transport four people and gear? How often are using your gas guzzler to carry just one person around? Compare apples to apples please.

  6. Johnny B Goode

    Here is the deal folks, you live a privileged life in Santa Barbra so I don’t expect any of you to understand this. If we get to $5.00 and over people who actually work for your kind at low wages will revolt and we will drill baby drill. So ride you bikes and little putt putts while you can but if you are the ones who have blocked power station construction for the last 20+ years expect the people in the bread lines to want a piece of you.

    • Perplexed

      People will adapt rather than devour. Take your threats of annihilation elsewhere, if you don’t get your way. One more example of “bad framing” of the argument. Either you agree with me or you die?

  7. Are you all ready for the REAL reason why Santa Barbara has the highest gas prices all the time? Everyone has their guesses, but one day last year, the truth was revealed to me by a gas station owner whom I had come to know very well through the years. Do any of you remember the infamous oil blowout in the Santa Barbara channel back in 1969? I was a student at Brooks Institute of Photography then, and I can still see the look of devastation, raw anger, and deep grief on many of the locals faces as the ocean swells dumped tons of smelly, millions of years aged black, toxic, sticky stuff on our pristine beaches. Black, was the name of the game, as grown men shed tears for their beautiful city by the sea. Well, there was one hell of a backlash from the locals against the oil companys Everything short of violence was thrown at them…and because of this, big oil punishes us with higher prices than anywhere else.

    • Grease the skids

      I can also confirm this conclusion from my own inside knowledge of those in the position to make these decisions. Ask where Chevron went, and why. Ask also why Europe has long paid more for gas and why US car manufacturers have sold excellent gas saving cars to Europeans now for over a half-century. Tighten your belt US, you will be fine.

  8. Drill Baby Drill

    And Iran cuts off supplies to France & Britian. US next = even more $$$$ for gas.

  9. Grease the skids

    Everything pales compared to China’s future energy demands once a billion new drivers hit the road. It is a zero sum game. There is only so much oil. If they get it, we do not. It is that simple. Plan accordingly. Buy a gas-thrifty car. Have a thrifty sole occupancy mode of alternative transport, and for goodness sakes learn to use public transit and your own feet.

    Caulk your doors and windows, insulate your walls, ceiling and floors. Get an on-demand water heater. Dry your clothes outside. Plan your trips. Use home shopping. Small things, but this will be your new reality. More like we used to live during WWII deprivation and rationing times, the time now fondly remembered as The Good Old Days. Learn to play cards and board games. Use your library for entertainment instead of expensive electronic toys.

    And oh yes, never ever borrow money to pay for depreciable assets including education that does not lead to improved employability.

    • SB does not have the highest gasoline prices in CA. Needles does. $4.79

      • hell yeah they do! when we had the big price spike in 2008, it was over 5 bucks a gallon in Needles July of that year when I drove thru town. being out in the desert sucks unless you like being in the middle of nowhere.

  10. Goleta Jim

    Maybe edHat should troll the view more often. It’s their most commented story to.

  11. What do we expect? We have been living in a fantasy world for years while Europeans and others have been paying 2 to 3 times what we’ve paid for gas. We bought into the “bigger is better” ads from Detroit (while they built more fuel efficient models for other countries) and did not ONE thing to get ourselves some mass transit (with just a few exceptions like the upper East Coast, D.C., etc.). The party is OVER. Get over oil and lobby for renewable energy and rapid transit. Better late than never…..

  12. thatcrazychick

    The US export more oil than it imports – therefore, more drilling, oil platforms, oil pipelines, etc. will do nothing for the price of gasoline here in the US

  13. I’d rather pay at the pump than drill off our coast and risk another spill.