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Santa Barbara View Poll Question of the Week

10 Responses to “Santa Barbara View Poll Question of the Week”

  1. Anonymous

    The schedule just seems to send the wrong message to those who pay their salaries and benefits, making it seem like the city is more about providing jobs for individuals than services for the citizens. As one of my friends says, “If we can do without them on Fridays, why do they need to show up on Monday?”

  2. Anonymous

    If you look back realistically the Marty Bloom years were a total disaster. Almost like what Bush did on a national level. Overturn all the policies during those 8 years.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t see what the complaint about the 9/80 system is — during every two week period, the employees work 80 hours but we save on the cost of utilities for closing one day, plus the savings on commuting gas. Why is that so objectionable to some people? Many other governmental agencies and companies have similar programs. The County of Orange has been doing this since the ’90’s, when they were trying to deal with their bankruptcy, and this was one of the cost savings measures they implemented.

  4. Duh, Lanny is just jealous that other people have to work for a living.

  5. downtown resident

    Why can’t the employees work 9/80’s and keep the City open on Friday’s? All you have to do is stagger the weeks – If they take alternate Fridays off it works just fine.Yeah, we don’t save on utilities – but the public can have better service, not have to worry about is this the Friday that the offices are open or not.

  6. el_smurfo

    The energy savings argument is totally bogus. It’s just like Congress moving daylight savings time to “save energy”. Of course we’re now out of sync with the rest of the world despite later studies showing no appreciable energy savings. More “good intentions” gone awry, but the unintended consequence here is the fact that we only notice their absence in the light Friday freeway traffic. The first comment is right…if we don’t miss them Friday, why not just close the doors permanently on these useless departments.

  7. The City Council has no power to change the employee schedules. Please check your facts!

  8. Trade off in service is that the offices are open longer to the public and at lunch. If you have a job, like I do, I like the fact that I can go after work or at lunch to get permits. The utility savings is minor, I have heard through a friend that there is still many City workers who work during the “closed” day, in and out of their offices. ( but i guess a couple extra lights off help))

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t think the energy savings are bogus — if the heat/ac is turned off for 1 extra day out of 10, that’d be an approximate 10% savings. Also, the lighter Friday traffic isn’t an “unintended consequence” — I think that was a factor the original decision to close every other Friday.