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Santa Barbara Year in ReView: April 2012

Santa Barbara View takes a look back at the stories that made news in Santa Barbara, California this year. Here are ten stories from April, 2012:

  1. The under-shade of Santa Barbara’s famous fig became a popular hangout for RV campers.
  2. A look at Santa Barbara’s baseball legacy on opening day.
  3. Mark Lee’s controversial Veronica Meadows Project became the talk of the town.
  4. Regarding the Homeless: Santa Barbara’s loss, became La Jolla’s gain.
  5. Santa Barbara Scolari’s Market, 222 N. Milpas St., announced that they would close.
  6. The Santa Barbara French Festival returned!
  7. The City of Santa Barbara stopped enforcing the sign ordinance, and businesses took advantage.
  8. The Clean Air Express began parking in residential neighborhoods, pictured below.
  9. The Santa Barbara Daily Sound began their appeals for help!
  10. The City of Santa Barbara celebrated its 230th birthday.