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Santa Barbara Year in ReView: August 2012

Santa Barbara View takes a look back at the stories that made news in Santa Barbara, California this year. Here are ten stories from August, 2012:

  1. Julia Child was remembered on what would have been her 100th birthday.
  2. Architectural Board of Review members abstained from voting on the Chic-Fil-A project because of personal and political views.
  3. Mayor Schneider released a statement regarding the Chick-fil-A project in Santa Barbara.
  4. UC Santa Barbara was named the 8th most beautiful school in the United States.
  5. Old Spanish Days Fiesta 2012 in photos.
  6. A Santa Barbara treasure: An appreciation of Kellam de Forest.
  7. Vacation renters of homes in the Santa Barbara neighborhoods.
  8. Renderings of the Arlington Village monstrosity were released.
  9. Assemblymember Das Williams was targeted in a CNN report for blocked bill that makes it easier for sex crimes.
  10. After being exposed by CNN, Das Williams issued a formal statement on SB 1530.

One Response to “Santa Barbara Year in ReView: August 2012”

  1. Anonymous

    Things really do slide right of off Das’ back like water on a duck. Best politician of our era.