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Santa Barbara Year in ReView: July 2012

Santa Barbara View takes a look back at the stories that made news in Santa Barbara, California this year. Here are ten stories from July, 2012:

  1. The Milpas Community Association said Casa Esperanza violated their Conditional Use permit.
  2. The decline of Santa Barbara’s sign ordinance, which was established in 1922.
  3. Social sharing was made available to Santa Barbara neighborhoods.
  4. The City of Santa Barbara finally got into the current century with online bill pay.
  5. What is up with the useless glass jetways at the Santa Barbara Airport?
  6. Sharon Byrne wrote about life in the vicinity of Casa Esperanza: Part I. Part II.
  7. How to design a Fiesta costume for Old Spanish Days Fiesta.
  8. The largest renovation project in the State Street corridor is the demolition of the old Von’s supermarket on Victoria and Chapala streets, lost views pictured below.
  9. Volunteers completed the Historic Element of the City’s General Plan.
  10. The Santa Barbara Daily Sound began selling off their office supplies and equipment on Craigslist.