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Santa Barbara Year in ReView: June 2012

Santa Barbara View takes a look back at the stories that made news in Santa Barbara, California this year. Here are ten stories from June, 2012:

  1. Former First District Supervisor Naomi Schwartz passed away.
  2. Veronica Springs historical notes by Kellam de Forest.
  3. The Downtown/Waterfront Shuttle, pictured below, doubled its fare from 25 cents to 50 cents.
  4. Grant House did not pen an inflammatory letter to the editor, published by the Independent, addressed to President Obama.
  5. The first effort to “rebrand” Lompoc started with the selection of a fresh, new logo.
  6. Ray Bradbury remembered By Penny and Terry Davies, owners of The Earthling Bookshop.
  7. Shereef Moharram filed a complaint on behalf Charles Grim because of Kevin Costner’s refusal to trim and cut down his hedges.
  8. Fresh N Easy opened on Milpas Street.
  9. The Santa Barbara Daily Sound suspend their print offerings.
  10. Santa Barbara got a new City Historian, Nicole Hernandez.