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Santa Barbara Year in ReView: May 2012

Santa Barbara View takes a look back at the stories that made news in Santa Barbara, California this year. Here are ten stories from May, 2012:

  1. Glass-winged public art was proposed for the Santa Barbara Airport, below.
  2. Sharon Byrne provided working definitions of types of homeless in Santa Barbara.
  3. Michael Jordan endorsed the Measue Y Campaign.
  4. Roundabouts came to Goleta and an Open House was held on how to navigate them.
  5. May brought the 13th Annual Historic Homes Tour to Bungalow Haven.
  6. The No on Measure Y Campaign finally took flight.
  7. Calls for an outdoor ping pong table outside the Santa Barbara Central Library.
  8. The necessary funding was raised to restore the Chromatic Gate back to its original brilliance!
  9. The I Madonnari Italian street painting festival took place at the Santa Barbara Mission.
  10. A half-million rail car, designed as a tourist attraction, sits unused because it is not ADA compliant.