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Keeping Santa Barbara Santa Barbara: Herbert Bayer’s Chromatic Gate Will be Restored!

Over the years, Santa Barbara View has chronicled the lost luster of Herbert Bayer’s Chromatic Gate. In January 2012, adorned by dirt, mold, and even a discarded shoe this significant piece of artwork looked worse than ever. Santa Barbara View pressed City Councilman Bendy White and teamed with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission (SBCAC) to get something done. Kellam de Forrest provided the definition of demolition by neglect, and efforts to help restore the Chromatic Gate gained traction. In March, Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider acknowledged to KEYT  that, “it’s filthy and (she) is hoping funds can be found to give it a fresh look.” Last week, SBCAC proudly announced that they have made significant progress to raise necessary funding to restore the Chromatic Gate back to its original brilliance!

Photo from Patty DeDominic: Just the usual level of excitement when Restoration Rainbow Campaign organizers gather.

“I think Santa Barbara View did get the ball rolling I appreciate that early on your website started people thinking about the much needed restoration. ” said Rita A. Ferri, Curator of Collections, Visual Arts Coordinator County Arts Commission. “We did have smaller donations, but I think the amazing heartfelt generosity of David Jacoby from the Jacoby Family Trust got the energy going; when Mercedes Eichholz heard about it she decided to match his $10,000 and Santa Barbara Beautiful is dedicating $10,000 more. We definitely want to have enough funds in place to maintain the sculpture (washing and waxing) so that it will never get to this point of disrepair again”.

Congratulations Santa Barbara “Viewers”.  Your comments and interest made this happen. 

6 Responses to “Keeping Santa Barbara Santa Barbara: Herbert Bayer’s Chromatic Gate Will be Restored!”

  1. This is the way to get things done

    Yes! And yes again, SB View did get things going. Thank you to all who came forward. And thank you for making this a one-time project to endow it also into the future. This is the way to get things done.

  2. aesthete

    that so called work of art is hideous and boring both at once.

  3. ChumashWisdom

    Never a dull moment!!!
    May I set the record straight on something?…The Chromatic Gate was NOT constructed with the Chumash in mind,nor is it the Chumash “Stairway to Heaven” [When she gets there she knows,if the stores are all closed..with a word,she can get what she came 4],but…it has been “adopted” into the Rainbow bridge story of how we came to the mainland from the islands…our way to “Heaven” is through Similaksa [Shim-e-loksha] at Pt. Conception.
    I remind this because all tours I`ve seen here in town tell tourists otherwise,but I want all to know the truth. I like the darn thing & think no-matter what we have in this city,ugly or should be cared for.

  4. KRsyan

    Hated it , always did , always will. Huge waste of money. I remember when it was put up how upset the public was on the waste of money to put this piece of crap up.

  5. Amazing, ChumashWisdom, that tours here say it is a Chumash stairway or gate! LOL

    Once the arch is restored, it will again be welcoming and cheerful instead of the embarrassment it now is.

  6. Anonymous

    Hopefully the art community will be able to put some art there that reflects Santa Barbara and let this piece find another home.