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Santa Barbara’s Famous Fig Tree

Santa Barbara’s famous fig tree, planted by a little girl in 1874, has always been a favorite camping spot for the homeless.

Today, the under-shade of the famous fig is also popular among RV campers.

3 Responses to “Santa Barbara’s Famous Fig Tree”

  1. Anonymous

    When 101 had a stop light I don’t remember the homeless there. I have always thought it was such an amazing tree, so different from every tree I had ever seen before. Sad that it has become isolated and part of the ugliness that is now exploited by the compassion industry. The bums are a blight and the beautiful tree has become symbolic of missed opportunities and mistaken priorities.

  2. The definition of camping is to live for a time in a camp, tent, or camper. Since I moved here in 06 the rv and the homeless haven’t moved…. I imagine twenty or so years from now the homeless themselves will be considered historical landmarks as well! Think of all the grants city hall could apply for….

  3. I actually remember more homeless there when it had a stop light.. they sat in the roots of the tree, and carved their names into the tree. The City finally got smart and put a chain around it, to at least say to the conscious few, not to lurk among the roots. Maybe the City should build a play ground area in that grass and watch all the young families take it over and all the parking too.