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SEIU Units and Firefighters Joined with Mickey and Dick Flacks to Host Fund-Raising Party for Cathy Murillo


Invitation provided by Viewer who was surprised to get the invitation and did not want the personalization attached. Prior to being sworn in, does the invitation strike the wrong note? Did you have an extra $100 lying around for breakfast with Mickey Flacks?


76 Responses to “SEIU Units and Firefighters Joined with Mickey and Dick Flacks to Host Fund-Raising Party for Cathy Murillo”

  1. anonymous

    Totally agree, Double! When Dale or Randy hold a fundraiser, it’s a nefarious plot to take over the city with a right-wing, closed-door agenda inappropriate to the diversity of Santa Barbara, in Helene-and-Pritchett-speak. When Cathy does a closed-door fundraiser with unions and left-wing extremists as contributors before taking office…why, that’s business as usual. Call me if you have questions! Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. We know what’s best for you.

  2. Fiscal Factchecker

    Two questions of fact remain unanswered. Why is Murillo refusing to disclose this information
    publicly? Yes, this information eventually will be disclosed in Murillo’s required financial disclosure forms. Murillo can disclose this same information here since she knows there is public interest in this information right here and right now.

    1. How much campaign debt existed as of the date of the Flacks pre-swearing in party?
    2. How much money was raised at the Flacks pre-swearing in party sponsored by public employee unions and Democrat party activists?

    What is Murillo trying to hide and let get buried until later after she is forced to make these disclosures for public record. Good to have revived this query.

    The implication of course is did Murillo let herself get bought by special interests this early in the game and/or go into debt during the campaign to get elected to this public trust position which could in turn compromise her future actions as a council member.

    There is no reason for personal and private conversation. All that was asked are publicly available facts, which are inconvenient for the public to find but are within easy reach of Murillo. The question now is what is Murillo trying to hide?

  3. Fetid Air

    I can hear the sigh of relief once Cathy finally becomes up front about this oddly timed Flacks event. She will establish street cred showing she is independent and transparent making these disclosures voluntarily.

    If all we get is one more partisan political hack doing the work for special interests that have a financial stake in council decisions, it then becomes a grave disappointment to have elected Cathy Murillo. Falcone or Schwartz would have served just as well.

    All she has to disclose is here is the state of my campaign finances before I was sworn in and here is what I raised at this event sponsored by employee unions and Democrat party activists. Cover-ups are always more damaging than putting facts on the table. This is a lesson any budding politician needs to learn. Courage is far more appealing than evasiveness.

  4. First, do no harm

    Putting public employee interests on both sides of the bargaining table is the worst thing voters keep doing to themselves.

  5. Anonymous

    Why on earth would Cathy Murillo respond to this blog – it’s obvious you would just turn it around and spend another week or more blasting her with more misinformation. You should be happy she won and you can spend the next four years attacking her, her husband and probably her dog….

  6. Fetid Air

    Ahhh, the bullying smokescreen begins. Notice the exaggerated hyperbole of the response? Sounds familiar because it is. Murillo is getting very poor campaign advice. The better question is why did someone revive this tired thread and stir everything up again.

  7. Fetid Air

    To the Honorable Cathy Murillo:

    1. How much campaign debt did you have at the time you attended the pre-swearing-in Flacks-Employee union sponsored fund raiser?

    2. How much did the Flacks-Employee union sponsored pre-swearing-in event raise for your campaign account?

  8. Confused

    This is really bad because elected officials have no way to report or disclose their financial status, who contributed money to them, and how they spent their money.

    I wish we had some state of California oversight agency or commission that requires political practices to be revealed fairly through some kind of standard disclosure method.

  9. Fetid Air

    Slow pitch, confused. I suspect you already know the answer. Campaign reporting and elected official financial interest disclosure is already required. Accessing this information is cumbersome and its vagueness and reporting thresholds render this reporting requirement virtually meaningless.

    Contact County Elections for these reports. However, nothing substitutes an elected official voluntarily answering specific questions directly and on point when asked. This is part of constituent services. “Go do it yourself” is a disturbing response.

  10. If seiu is involved then you know it’s about marxism, libs, dems , idiots. They are tratiors to America.

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  13. Anymore I pick my local candidates based primarily on the concept of “Follow the money”.