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Selling Off the Daily Sound

The Santa Barbara Daily Sound is purportedly selling off their office supplies and equipment. Some of the items reportedly listed on Craigslist this week include:

• Desks ($300 – $450)
• Chairs ($15-30)
• Filing cabinets ($30)
• Book shelf/shelves ($50)
• Waiting room chairs ($15)
• iMac Computers ($200-$800)
• Printers and fax machines ($50-$100)
• PolyCom IP phones ($50)
• Misc supplies (Staples, paperclips, paper, post-its, etc)

8 Responses to “Selling Off the Daily Sound”

  1. Sell-out

    Selling their soul from the beginning with their news bias was their first wrong turn, but everyone deserves to write a newspaper anyway they see fit, if they can afford it and readers support it. Thanks for trying and bringing diversity to the local media choices. Those that still read for content, particularly daily content in this town do weigh in more to the right than the left.

  2. What a sad note! Thank you, Jeramy Gordon for trying, for providing an alternative news source. To have a vibrant community, one that is responsive, we need more news, not less, more carefully dug facts (and not just opinion), more watchdogs on city staff and government….

    • Anonymous

      …and a way to pay those trained to dig, to report, to fill that watchdog role based on facts. It takes and extraordinary amount of time, discipline and knowledge to do so with credibility to speak (write) truth to power, and no one seems willing to invest in it anymore. This loss of real solid reporting has been a boon to local government’s ability to run virtually unchecked and unaccountable to the Fourth Estate.

  3. anonymous

    I’ll give them some points for trying, but the actual “product” they produced, the Daily Sound, was a rather poor one that got perceptibly worse over time, especially in the last few years. Having writers who were seemingly incapable of writing fluent, grammatical English devoid of typos and misspellings caused the DS to be seen as a joke by many in the community. Editors who didn’t care about the quality of content were far more of a problem than any perceived political “bias” (surely a local journalistic buzzword in SB) in my opinion.

  4. sbsurfer

    At least they made it for six years. And got rid of anonymous comments.

  5. Sell-out

    Just like we blame “politicians” when in fact it is we voters who put and keep those “politicians” in office. We also has to blame we media readers if we want new media alternatives and an active 4th Estate because we are not willing to support real attempts to provide this.

    You are right – being a valid 4ht Estate takes time, talent, ethics and money. Our money. We readers must be willing to subscribe and fund those efforts.

    However, I saw far more pandering certain political agendas in recent political elections as the far greater offense, rather than lack of independent investigative journalism.

    Most of the left-coast media put their money on the wrong horse in the last elections and that is why government has run amok. The media helped put the wrong people in office in the past few years, though we voters still do have the final say so in fact we did this to ourselves.

  6. Bias is as Bias does

    We hoped Jeramy Gordon would have more class and gone out on top instead of a clearance sale and a quiet termination of his website.