Shipwrecked After Dark

Santa Barbara Photo of the Week by Bill Heller, click to enlarge.
If you have to be shipwrecked, this is a nice place to do it. Every so often a sailboat slips its mooring in the Santa Barbara area, and it seems more often than not they end up on Butterfly Beach. This shot is from a year or so ago, but I stumbled across it again when I was searching for an image. The exposure was quite long (well long for cameras these days anyway) taken well after sunset, which created kind of a dreamy quality. Well, dreamy unless it’s your boat! -Bill Heller

About Bill Heller

Bill Heller is a local photographer who has been contributing to the Santa Barbara View since February, 2009. His photographs, virtual reality photos, and innovative video techniques showcase our beautiful City and County on a weekly basis. You can visit Bill's website at,

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  1. Anonymous March 2, 2014 at 5:17 am #

    Beautiful and apropos