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Sign of the Times…

City Ventures Residences are using bike billboards to market their East Beach Collection. Bicyclist hauling signs for “Santa Barbara’s smartest, most- sustainable new homes” circle the waterfront. Bike billboards are part of the green outdoor advertising market.

7 Responses to “Sign of the Times…”

  1. Anonymous

    Be happy that there are not the Las Vegas truck sign carts with music and nudes

    • Anonymous

      It signifies yet another step away from what once made Santa Barbara special and lovely. Look around, you don’t see any ugly billboards anywhere around here; it’s not by accident, it’s because of activists and visionaries (yes, dating back to Pearl Chase) who did not want to see such commercialism intruding on the area’s natural beauty. Now our standards have lowered to anything for a buck, I guess.

      • Carorlyn H.

        Can you share more about the sign rules. I heard the only permitted tall sign or billboard is the liquor store in Summerland because its been there forever.

  2. Just a great way to get around not violating the code SBMC 10.36.020, which prohibits using vehicles for advertising on our city streets.

    • Supe&Sandwich

      These bozos come to SB because it is special and then kick us in the teeth trying to get their own piece of the action by violating written community standards. But since we don’t enforce regulations for grifters living in RVs on our streets, why shouldn’t this young man also think he gets a special free pass as well.

      Do you really think he would be doing this same thing in Oxnard or Tehachapi? Noooo, only in Santa Barbara because it is so nice and it looks like there are people with money to exploit. Worst of all is if this developer needs to resort to this marketing affront, he must not have anything worth selling in the first place.

      Bad move, developer. Locals have a long memory.

      • Santa Barbara Muncipal Code

        10.36.020 Advertising Vehicles.
        No person shall operate, drive, tow, draw, transport, move, park or stand any vehicle used for commercial advertising purposes, or for the purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale, or as a prize, on or upon any public street or alley at any time, excepting that the City Council may grant special permission to organizations when it so deems worthy. (Ord. 2713 §1(part), 1959; prior Code §31.57.)

        How do we get the City to enforce this ordinance? What City department should a complaint be addressed?