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Social Sharing for Santa Barbara Neighborhoods

Today, the Santa Barbara City Council will likely approve participation with the Nextdoor neighborhood website,, to help the City communicate with residents on neighborhood issues, services and activities.  The website, funded by Benchmark Capital and based in San Francisco, allows neighbors to communicate with each other through a private site that is accessible only to the residents of that neighborhood. In addition to providing a venue for neighbors to communicate, the site provides the City with the ability to post information on neighborhood issues, services, and events.

According to the Agenda, “the City’s General Plan recognizes 32 neighborhoods, each with unique qualities and infrastructure needs. The City could use the Nextdoor website to send news or information to the neighborhoods most affected by a particular project or event. For example, the City could post information on construction updates, police alerts, emergency bulletins, emergency response training, and neighborhood planning and outreach.”

13 Responses to “Social Sharing for Santa Barbara Neighborhoods”

  1. No, thanks…or do we “neighbors” get a say in this At ALL? I have enough reasons not to look at my email barrage every day. Perhaps the City big brother sees this as a means of notification that might protect them from accusations of ‘not notifying’ people when construction is scheduled. Now, they have to leaflet or mail you a notice…now, they can just claim they sent it by email. We already have ‘Nixle’ advisories about police activity and other notices…now this? Every new “service” on the internet thinks of itself individually, but the cumulative effect makes me ready to throw the thing out the window. We’re getting numb to new information.
    If there was a service where the people could send notices to city council and management staff..well, that might be different.

  2. And how much will this cost?

    Sorry, but my own neighborhood has its own e-mail group completely independent of the city and it works just fine. Pardon my cynicism but considering the way the city regularly overlooks, disregards and ignores the concerns of individual neighborhoods or adhering to neighborhoods standards, this is likely one more bureaucratic way of controlling, rather than enhancing communication. Expect one-sided spin that reinforces the staff way of looking at an issue. It would also be a clever way for the city to monitor who is saying what and to counter any opposition coming from those pesky neighbors. Wouldn’t developers like that…So of course, this will pass.

  3. Anonymous

    THeres only one webmaster and the website suceks! Time to do away with some planners and invest in a web team. Want live city council videos too. I would not sign up for this and a lot of startups go out of business but could sell your info.

    • anon.

      There will be a new web site design and structure by a team working now to have it ready this fall, I think, but the webmaster will remain the same. And aren’t the council videos live streaming? I wish were it something other than Granicus which is not optimal for Macs.

      • MacDog

        Ignoring Macs is folly. When you think of the demographics of Mac users, you would think they would be the first in line to get served, not last or never.

  4. Hoodie

    This neighborhood networking starts out free and then start bombing you with advertising once they have harvested enough personal information from your posting habits to make it appealing to targeted advertising.

    Thanks alot city of SB – more feel-good stuff ready to go bad again. But isn’t this what all “free” websites and blogs also do? Fine, those are private relationships, but do not come with such a blatant civic endorsement.

    Next will we learn the city gets to skim a bit off the top for this exclusive networking using their official endorsement when this outfit uses our data to mine our eyeballs for their own fun and profit?

  5. Still smarting

    Wonder how those who opted out of smart meters feel about this next Big Brother sister act?

  6. anonymous

    The city rep. describing the program said firmly they would not sell the info or share it with businesses. She did NOT say that the information would not be shared within the city. This is potentially eyes on the street for ferreting out “illegal” second units, resulting then in an eviction, which will affect not just the owner but the tenant.

    • patrick

      Actually, although city can post, they cannot read or see anything on the website. It’s a one way communication to up date neighbors.

  7. Priorities, please

    After the city can figure out how to fix the brick crosswalks, the broken curbs and asphalted-over sidewalks in our neighborhoods, and give us a sense of security in our own homes and in our shopping districts, then maybe they could start thinking about something like this. But their priorities are so out of whack that nothing we residents say or do seems to matter. Nice job Jim Armstrong is doing, managing this city into oblivion. And the Council and staff are right there with him to implement every absurd whim.

  8. Lap dog

    It’s not Armstrong’s doing. He gets direction or lack of direction from the council. Otherwise, what are they doing every Tuesday afternoon.

  9. Anonymous

    Lap dog is barking right: Armstrong takes direction from the Council; …and the council takes direction from us, doesn’t it?

  10. Moremoremore

    This will be a great venue for MCA to take over.